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Data Security & Importance Of Protecting Yourself On The Internet

Data security is essential for government institutions, small to large companies, and individuals, aiming not to have losses or interrupt operations because they cannot access specific information and systems.

It is a fact that no organization is 100% safe, even as those responsible for cyber crimes are increasingly improving themselves and finding alternatives to circumvent any protection. Data security technologies and mechanisms keep pace with threats to contain this advance. 

What Are The Data Security Trends?

We indicate some current paths with trends and strategies used to fight cybercriminals and protect your business. It is important to note that they can also help avoid leaking personal information.  

1 Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Using this tool, the primary way to combat scams is to cross variables to find divergences. Software is developed with standardized information on user behavior, which is statistical data that must be collected, evaluated, and stored. With artificial intelligence, this software defines an ideal procedure to find what is out of this model.

2 Two-Factor Authentication

The use of this tool is usually more common in financial institutions. It dramatically reduces the risks of a stolen password being used to access customer data. It may seem simple, but with two-factor authentication, there are two pieces of information to be discovered and not just one, which makes crime difficult. 

3 Data Security Outsourcing

As much as this strategy requires additional costs, the amount of benefits and the guarantee of keeping your business safe is worth the money. Many companies use the service of remote monitoring of their systems made by professionals in information security, but by outsourcing it, it is possible to guarantee the use of even more sophisticated technologies; after all, this is the specialty of those who provide this service.

4 Endpoint Security

Devices of this type include computers, smartphones, printers, laptops, and other devices that share data and connect to your company’s information network. Unlike a regular antivirus, endpoint security allows for an agile response to threats that can reach this entire system. Currently, in addition to preventing the attack of known agents, it is possible to detect and respond to new threats more efficiently. 

6 Cloud As A Secure Environment

It may seem out of reach, but it’s not! Using the cloud as a safe place to save data is possible. However, some factors are necessary: ​​the use of basic and advanced firewalls that assess threats; event logs, which identify all network actions and can help prevent breaches; data encryption, which keeps it safe from unauthorized users, so if an attacker steals an encrypted file, access will be denied due to the lack of the secret key; and intrusion detection, which enables cloud providers to prevent intruders from breaching the network’s initial defenses.

5 Employee Training For Data Security

It is not clear to all people how important it is to keep their data safe. Therefore, courses on information security can be an alternative for employees who want to protect the company’s systems – and their table data! Practical courses, for example, can put together simulations of traps and attacks so that everyone is aware if there is an attempt to be invaded by cyber criminals. 

Data Protection Law And The Rights Of The Individual

All new legislation provides for adequacy of conduct to the group that will be involved in the law. As of 2021, personal data protection became a fundamental right under the Federal Constitution. The Data Protection Law, however, does not act directly on the person’s request. However, mechanisms are created to protect personal data from those who process them.

In other words, they are also called controllers and data operators. Which implies obligations for companies. Are they:

– Secret personal databases cannot exist;

– Citizens have the right to access their personal information and to know what they do with it;

– All information obtained for a specific purpose cannot be used, first, for another without consent; 

– There must be means for the owner of the shared information to correct or supplement their data;

– Every controlling entity or operator of an individual’s data must guarantee its quality and security.  

Challenges For Companies

But, in the face of this, what are the most present difficulties in the day-to-day of companies in general?

Decent in online business. There is a request for personal data at all times, and a structure is needed that meets not only the demands of the market but also the legislation. Companies must prove that they are using techniques to prevent data leakage. 

For this, whoever deals with the treatment of individuals’ personal information must follow the rules and establish primary security conditions to protect this data. In other words, penalties and fines can be applied. In addition, another critical point in the relationship between companies and the LGPD is anyone guaranteed by law the right to the possibility of deleting their information from a database.

In practice, the person with this desire can contact a person in charge of that department and ask to delete what they have already shared. 

Business Intelligence (BI) And Data Visualization

According to the Microsoft blog, Power BI (Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool) “is a collection of software services, applications, and connectors that transform your unrelated data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive information.”. 

They can be in an Excel spreadsheet or a local or cloud-based data collection. “With Power BI, you can: Connect better to data sources; view; And discover important content and share it with as many people as you want.” 

Despite being simple and user-friendly enough for all professionals to work and obtain benefits, it is robust to use both in corporate and small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, it is necessary to understand it in depth. 

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