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Email Marketing: What is it?

E-mailings ensure that the customer or potential new customer can be addressed directly. Email marketing helps many companies to manage the desired target group in a personal way and thus to generate new customers. Existing customers are bound to the company through email marketing. Due to high shipping speeds, low shipping costs, and countless design options, email marketing is one of the most important online marketing options.

How Is Email Marketing Done?

If you do email marketing, you should pay attention to all legal requirements. Otherwise, penalties and warnings can quickly follow. Emails may only be sent at the special request of the customer. They have to register beforehand. Newsletters are sent using Software sent, which on the one hand, is connected to the editorial system and, on the other hand, can maintain the content of the offer. However, newsletters can also be sent via external third parties. To do this, an address list must be available in which all email addresses are available. To receive as many lessons as possible, email marketing provides different ways. Therefore, it is possible for companies to use their data from existing customers and, depending on the legal situation, to contact the customer to obtain permission to send the newsletter. In addition, it is possible to buy email addresses from different providers.

How Does Successful Email Marketing Work?

The aim of email marketing is not to be forgotten by customers. If other factors are taken into account, email marketing can become a powerful tool for companies. There should be a meaningful subject line, and the address should be personal and individual. The graphic design should be appealing and eye-catching. Structured texts and fair registration and deregistration conditions are just as important. Campaigns can be carried out quickly. Depending on the Software used, this period may differ. Before shipping, either an external provider must be selected or an in-house system programmed. A suitable template is then selected. This is a basic framework.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Email Marketing Manager?

The electronic interface between customers and companies is particularly important. Therefore, a new job profile has emerged for this area, namely that of an email marketing manager. He has to fulfill various tasks and not only master marketing skills. He must also have the technical knowledge and cooperate with different departments in the company. But the real job is to send out newsletters and analyze their success. The latter field of activity is usually very extensive and requires intensive cooperation with the various marketing departments and specialists within a company. The analysis is the starting point for the development of ever-improving newsletter campaigns.

Which Tasks Belong To The Field Of Activity Of The Email Marketing Manager?

The email marketing manager must create concepts for newsletters and carry out campaigns for target groups, which he previously discussed with sales and marketing. Furthermore, he has to take care of creating the graphic content and setting up the newsletter. Audio and video sequences also have to be made from time to time. The email marketing manager also has to generate new addresses and constantly carry out success analyzes of deliverability and click rates. His tasks also include analyzing the competition. Furthermore, he must regularly develop new concepts.

What Qualities Should The Email Marketing Manager Have?

The email marketing manager should be able to grasp connections quickly. A lot of commitment and analytical thinking skills are also among the qualities that he should have. He should also be flexible and have basic knowledge of the usual programming languages, and preferably advanced knowledge. He should also be able to organize well. Anyone who has previously completed an economics degree in e-commerce and marketing can become an email marketing manager. Career changers also get opportunities if they have practical experience.

What Is Newsletter Software?

The newsletter software is a program used to create and send advertising emails. Depending on the desired functions, freeware solutions can also be used. Email marketing software for commercial purposes often costs several thousand euros, unlike an enterprise email marketing solution that can be used as Software as a Service (SaaS).

In general, it is usually the case that newsletter software that has already been sent and incoming newsletters can be managed in a database. Sent emails are stored in the archive and can be analyzed there. Subscribers can be subscribed or unsubscribed online. The list of all registered users is also managed in the Software. Finally, the newsletter is also sent via the Software. Statistics on reading access are important functions used for analysis and evaluation.

Use Individual Software

If additional functions are required, or the Software is to be integrated into existing programs, it often makes sense to use individual Software. This should have a modular structure because this is the only way good solutions are possible. 

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