Five New Android And iOS Applications To Install On Your Smartphone

Like consistently, we meet on NextPit for my determination of 5 free or paid portable applications and games that got my attention on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. We attempt consistently to present ideal applications that aren’t private information traps or microtransaction homes. To my discoveries, Weadditionally added the applications uncovered by the NextPit people group and shared them at our gathering, which we welcome you to counsel. From versatile games to efficient applications, here are NextPit’s without five and paid Android/iOS applications this week. We distribute this determination consistently. You can likewise counsel my five applications from last week.

Questmate (Android & iOS)

Questmate is a productivity and, more specifically, project management application. Each project and quest is made up of a list of tasks, each chip of which can be accompanied by a note. Productivity requires excessively optimistic tasks which are generally perceived as being chores. The application, therefore, brings a touch of gamification by allowing to provide a “reward” for the accomplishment of a quest when one has ticked all the bullets in the to-do list.

You can create quests for you only or for a team in which you can assign different quests or specific tasks of the same pursuit. You must create an account, but I did not spot any advertisements or in-app purchases. Download the Questmate app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Supercast (Android)

As the name suggests, Supercast is a podcast app to bring all your favorite podcasts together in one player. The app offers an offline mode, a favorites manager, a search tool, and personalized suggestions on the home page. In short, it’s very classic but also very complete.  We find the interface very clean, and the player is sleek and ergonomic. There are no ads or in-app purchases, and the app does not redirect you to Spotify. You stay in the app and use its player. On the other hand, the developer indicated on Reddit that he intended to switch Supercasts to a paid formula. 

There will be either a subscription to take out or a one-time purchase to benefit from the app’s full version. The developer also said they plan to run ads (as unobtrusively as possible, they say). What? A content creator on the web who wants to be paid for his work? But are you okay? It’s communism! What is the next step? Pay for press articles? Download the Supercasts app from the Google Play Store.

Dreamer (Android)

It’s a dream diary application to record your dreams, either for yourself or to share them with other platform users. The application is very young, and members have just exceeded 100 people. But I find it quite funny to see what strangers have dreamed of lately. Especially since you can comment on the dreams shared by a user. In short, it’s not the next tech bubble of social networks, but I find the concept funny. Download the Dreamer app from the Google Play Store.

Vitaetracker (iOS)

A job search can be a sensitive issue, and I don’t think that excessive-tech solutionism makes it possible to apprehend the return to work more healthily. It’s just an application that you are free to test or not, but far be it from me to bother you with a nutty recommendation like “just cross the street.” Here, this disclaimer being made, Vitaetracker is a productivity application supposed to help you manage your multiple applications if you are looking for a job. You can list each application by associating the name of the company. 

The position sought, a link, the date, and the status (sent, rejected, accepted, etc.).  What we find not alarming is the possibility of creating reminders for each application so as not to forget to follow up with recruiters. In short, it’s by no means a miracle solution, and it’s not an essential tool, but it’s there in case it kicks you. Good luck to all those looking for a job. Download the Vitaetracker app from the Apple App Store.

Cat Museum

Cat Museum is a 2D puzzle adventure game where you have to solve puzzles in a rather gloomy and surreal universe. But the most crucial thing in the story is that there is a cat. In short, it’s a side scroller in which you have to complete visual puzzles to progress. Visually, the game emphasizes art and art culture. It’s not for nothing that your character is a museum guard. We ‘ve barely played it when I’m writing these lines, but I find the universe WTF, and I find that this kind of game changes a bit from the usual mainstream soup. You can test the start of the game for free, but then it will take €3.39 to unlock the entire game.

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