Four Tips For Good SEO On Google

Before any natural referencing or SEO work, you must do an audit of your website.

This step will allow you to take stock of your site by checking performance, analyzing the keywords used, the architecture and content of the pages, and the competition’s strategy to identify and know which SEO technique works best for your wealth management consulting firm website.

Do not run away; doing an audit is not complex; you need to be structured and rigorous.

In this audit, here is what you will have to analyze:

Choose The Right SEO Keywords

Keyword research is arguably one of the most critical steps in a website’s SEO strategy. As a wealth management advisor, you must first have made a list of Google queries that Internet users could make to find you.

The idea will be to position yourself about the requests of your customers. For example, if you are located in Bordeaux, consider setting yourself on keyword phrases such as:

  • Bordeaux wealth management advisor
  • Bordeaux financial advisor 
  • Bordeaux independent heritage council
  • Etc …

In addition to matching your positioning, you will need to know what the competition is for the word used and the number of requests for these keywords.

Be careful not to turn your text into a pool of keywords and empty phrases. Over-optimization is penalized by Google. Stay natural in the turn of the sentences and maintain a ratio of 1% of the presence of the primary keyword on the whole of the text.

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Update Your SEO Content Regularly

Create qualitative web content; this is one of the essential points that will allow you to attract and convert these Internet users into customers. This qualitative content will play a vital role in your natural referencing! The robots of Google or other search engines will crawl your website to determine what the subject is. This action will allow you to position your site about other content available on the web.

Use Meta And Title tags

In search engine results, these two tags are like the front page of your wealth management firm’s website. If these tags are not completed with thought and rigor, your website will never be visible.

If it is well written, the meta-description tag will allow Google to understand what you are talking about and will encourage Internet users to click on the link to go to your website.

The Title tag works the same way, but search engines will also use it to understand what your page is about.

This is one of the many criteria that Google uses to define whether a page corresponds to a user’s search: depending on the keywords used in your title and the words searched by the user, you have more or less chance of appearing on the first pages of Google.

To modify them, it is accessible from your administration area from which you can manage your content.

If, for example, it was built around a CMS (a site development engine), you can do it yourself, especially if you are on WordPress, which is the most used CMS in the world.

If, unfortunately, you do not have access to the administration area, it will be advisable to create a new website, do not panic if this is what scares you; 

Use Alternative Tags

Alternative tags (or Alt tags) allow Google robots to identify the content of images displayed; this weighs SEO.

Set the image’s ALT tag by describing your images in plain English and keywords you want them to show up in search engines. Choose between 5 to 6 keywords that will explain what your image represents. The idea is to present its content and function.

You are now ready to discover the four tips for optimizing the natural referencing of your wealth management firm website.

Tips 1: Promote Mobile Use And Responsive Design

In 2019, 41.9 million web users were “mobile users.” Google has launched an algorithm called “mobile-first,” which is dedicated to sites in the mobile version. Of course, all this is not due to chance because, by the end of 2021, it is announced that 61% of the global traffic will come from mobile phones.

Concretely, it is a real technical issue in marketing; responsive design is not an option. You absolutely must have your website adapted to mobile browsers.

How to make your website responsive design?

  • Use the same structure on all pages
  • No unnecessary visual overload
  • Short and well-organized menus
  • Adapt ergonomics to mobile use
  • Use media queries (this automatically adapts the web design of a page to any screen size)

Tips 2: Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a bit the bane of Internet users, and it is estimated that around 29% of the web has duplicated content.

Is it detrimental to your SEO? YES, Google’s robots will take longer to analyze your web page and its content which will not make your referencing easier. In addition, the engines will have to choose which range to highlight. It would be a shame if you are at the origin of the content and someone duplicating it ranks better than you.

Various tools exist to find out if your content has not been duplicated; here they are:

  • ScreamingFrog
  • Duplichecker
  • Kill Duplicate
  • Copyfight
  • Siteliner
  • Copyscape

To put it simply, make content that is yours, don’t copy (you can take inspiration anyway) your competing wealth managers; by doing this, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Tip 3: Don’t Rely Too Much On Your Social Networks For Your SEO

We can often be led to think that having a massive presence on social networks can have an SEO impact by having a large community on all our networks. The problem is that currently, no objective test has succeeded in clearly proving the SEO impact of an increased presence on social networks.

Attention  !! This should not be taken at face value. This does not mean that you should not be there but rather see it as a natural way to create a community around your activity as a wealth management firm. Social networks allow you to retain your Internet users, reach new prospects, or make your services credible.

Tip 4: Optimize The Internal Content Of Your Pages

I will probably repeat myself, but the contents must be well structured with H1, H2, H3, H4 tags. This is important.

The meta description tag should be carefully written, prompt, and contain the main keyword. Your articles should be regularly updated or renewed because internet users and Google are hungry for fresh and current content.


It is true that positioning yourself well on Google requires commitment and work on your part, and as an independent firm, professional in wealth management, we know that your time is precious and that all these tasks can appear to you. 

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