Google Gravity | How Does Work & Step By Step Process To Access Google Gravity?

Google is a very famous and prominent search engine extensively used across the world by most netizens. Google is a storehouse of vast information that appears as search results. You can get reliable knowledge of any concept. Besides providing accurate search words, Google entertains its users with a few tricks. There are many Google tricks played for fun. One of them is Google gravity. In this article, we will reveal specific fun facts about Google gravity and how it works.

About Google Gravity

When you type the keyword Google Gravity in the search bar and hit the ‘I’m Feeling so lucky’ button instead of the ‘Google search’ option, you can witness the magic where the elements on the web page start to crash down. Along with the search bar, other elements fall suddenly and float on the screen as if there is no gravity.

It was created in 2011 and has become one of the most favorite tricks to the netizens. It is a fun-filled and exciting trick that surprises everyone if watched for the first time. The more interesting part is that the fallen elements remain active and work. You can type your query in the search bar and still obtain the search results like every time.

How To Access Google Gravity?

Before knowing the function of the Google Gravity trick, we will focus on the basic requirements needed to access on a device.

  • You need a JavaScript-enabled browser to access Google Gravity either on your PC or laptop, or your smartphone.
  • To open the Google Gravity trick quickly, you need a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, it takes a few minutes to appear.
  • Google Gravity by Mr. Doob is a funny trick that is now hosted on third-party websites as their users find the game fun and interesting. This happened when Google removed it from their search engine.
  • However, Google Gravity – ‘I’m Feeling so lucky’ trick is now available on the Google homepage. People are still searching for the trick.
  • It is accessible on all devices and web browsers that are JavaScript enabled.
  • It is more interesting to watch when you resize the window of your browser to make it narrow and perform the trick as the Google homepage elements like the search bar, icons, logo etc. fall upon one above the other like a heap.

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Step By Step Process To Access Google Gravity On Your Device

Step 1: To begin with, open a web browser like chrome or safari that you usually use on your laptop or PC. Be sure that you are using a safe browser when dealing with apps and tools like Google Gravity. You can also use the Firefox web browser to access. Devices like a tablet, iPad, and smartphones are also compatible to access games.

Step 2: Log into your web browser and then type google.com in your web browser to access the trick by Mr. Doob. As already mentioned above, it is essential to use a JavaScript-enabled browser that supports all websites. It is essential because you can find the desired tool easily when searching for Google Gravity. As you open google.com on your web browser, enter the words ‘Google Gravity in the search bar. At this step, you must be cautious about entering correct spellings without mistakes and proper space between the terms to get apt search results.

Step 3: Now type ‘Google Gravity by Mr. Doob’ in the search bar and press enter. You will notice the I’m Feeling so lucky tab. From here onwards, you get closer to the Google Gravity trick. The following steps of the process begin as you click on the tab.

Step 4: Now click on the ‘I’m Feeling so lucky’ tab present below the search toolbar. If you click on the Google search tab option, you will find search engine results pages to see many links. If you click the phrase or the hyperlink, you will see the highest search result for Google Gravity. The highest-ranking result gives you the best experience.

Step 5: Now the Google Gravity trick gets activated, and the elements like the search bar, other text bars, icons begin to topple and fall down like a pile. They start to float on the screen. It is really to watch. When you refresh the page, the same thing happens again. The surprising thing here is, the fallen elements of the webpage are still active in their function.

Step 6: If you have a high-speed internet connection, the Google gravity game quickly uploads. If your bandwidth is small, it takes a few minutes to appear. You can try this trick to get relaxed from hectic work. It is for sure you will get refreshed after playing the Gravity game. You can also show this trick to your friend, who will be equally surprised.

You can access this trick on devices like smartphones, tablets, iPad, PC, laptops, etc., where the browsers are JavaScript enabled. There are more fun facts about this trick. Elgoog came up with a water tool where all the elements seem to be underwater. Zero google gravity trick is another variation where the pieces float in space.

Other Google Doodles

Google introduces many doodles on its homepage and several Easter eggs that interest its users from time to time. Short games like Pac-Man are fun to play. Do a barrel roll, Google underwater, Google sky, Google mirror, Google Zipper, Google space are a few other tricks related to Google doodles.

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