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15 Cool Google Tricks That You May Not Know

Google has become a necessity to everyone in the present world. No one wouldn’t search Google for their queries. Likewise, Google plays a very prominent role in everyone’s life. Google provides high-quality content that is user-oriented and helps in saving a lot of time. The information you want to get is just one click away. You can learn new things, play games, download stuff, and a lot more from Google Tricks.

However, this article is about a few ‘Google Tricks’ that are very interesting to find. You can surprise your friends by using these Google tricks. This article is not only about cool Google tricks but also a few fun searches, attractive games that are available in its vast database.

Google tricks are the online tricks you can perform on the Google search engine by typing a few search words in the search bar. You can track your friends and have fun by typing the correct keywords in the search bar and making them believe that something went wrong with Google.

There are many Google tricks and games available, but we will explain the most popular of them to you. Please go through them.

1. Do a Barrel roll

This is a simple and funny Google trick that is very popular. You can play this by simply typing ‘Do a barrel roll’ in the search bar and clicking on the ‘I am feeling so lucky’ option instead of the search button. Now you can witness that the Google screen makes a 360-degree rotation.

The more interesting part is you can make 100 flips of your screen by adding ‘100 flips’ to the search command and seeing the magic. You can perform this in front of your friends and surprise them. You can also take a screenshot of the screen while flipping and share it with your friends to trick them.

2. Google Gravity

Type Google Gravity in the search bar, click on the ‘I am feeling so lucky’ button and watch the magic. The call-to-action buttons collapse down on the webpage. This action can make your friends astonished, and they assume something went wrong with Google. All the buttons remain functional. This trick drives your peers crazy.

The buttons float on the webpage, and you can make them move. The play becomes more interesting when you select any call-to-action buttons and now press and hold the right button of your mouse on one of the floating call-to-action buttons. The button gets selected, and if you hit the other buttons with it, they all move freely like blocks on the webpage.

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3. Askew

Askew is a simple yet very gripping trick. All you need to do is type ‘Askew’ in the search bar and click on the enter button. Then you will notice the webpage is slightly tilted to one side at a certain angle. You can share this trick with your friends to fool them or take a screenshot to surprise them. The whole screen tilts to the right and seems to be unbalanced. The trick is simple and easy to do.

4. Recursion

To see what happens with this cool Google trick, you need to type ‘Recursion’ in the search bar and push enter. Then Google asks you again, ‘did you mean recursion. This happens every time you search for that word. Recursion means repetition. But after some time, it disappears. Go ahead and give it a try. This trick is the most fun for the IT people out there.

5. Anagram

This is a classic joke. Type ‘Anagram’ in the search bar and click enter. Google asks you, ‘did you mean nag a ram’ as if you have made a spelling mistake. It is an anagram of the word anagram. Interesting, right? This is one of the best from the Google developers. So why the waiting? Go ahead and give it a try.

6. Atari Breakout

This is a trick of the 90s yet a memorable game. The Atari breakout game is one of the best memories for the 90s kids. Although it is not found on Google, you can get this from elgooG, a mirror website of Google.

Visit the elgooG website and scroll down to select the Atari breakout game. The Google images change into blocks with which you can play the Atari Breakout and recall those joyful moments of yesteryears.

7. Google Circle

Google circle is one of my favorite tricks. It is because when you type ‘Google Circle’ in the search bar of the homepage and press ‘I am feeling so lucky,’ the whole information present forms a circle and stars revolving around the word Google as if the Earth revolves around the Sun. It is really funny and interesting to play the trick. This trick is fascinating to watch and to share with others.

8. Zerg Rush

You may not find Zerg Rush on Google, but it is available on ElgooG. Search for Zerg rush on ElgooG and select it. Surprisingly, you will notice many ‘Os’ falling past the search bar, which gradually eats up the whole page. The ‘Os’ completely sweep down whatever is present on the screen. It is very tricky and funny to watch.

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9. Google sky

As you type ‘Google sky’ on the search bar and click enter, Google takes you on a tour through the celestial bodies such as constellations, stars, galaxies, planets, and everything present in the sky. You will experience a new feeling altogether.

10. Timelapse

Timelapse is not a trick but a special feature that gives you a comparison between the places on the Earth that elapsed between 37 years. This feature lets us know how a particular area is developed, the deforestation, the melting of ice in Antarctica over 37 years, and many more. It is no less than a Google trick and fun to watch feature. Go to the Google Earth Timelapse website to use this feature.

11. Animal Sounds

This trick is enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age. It is a fun-filled Google trick as you get different types of animal sounds when you enter your query as Anima Sounds in the Google search bar. You can play the sounds of different animals by simply selecting the volume icon present beside the animal picture. You can hear the sound they make. It is a super fun trick for the kids.

12. Google in 1988

Have you ever thought of how Google was in the year 1988? It was the year when the Google search engine was founded. To see the homepage of Google in 1988, type ‘Google in 1988’ in the search bar and press enter. You can see only a few websites on the results pages, and the more interesting thing is there are no images at all.

13. Play games on Google

Apart from tricks and features, you can play interesting games on Google. Please search for the game you want to play by typing its name in the search bar. Games like PAC-MAN, Snake, Solitaire, Minesweeper, Tic Tac Toe, etc., are available. As they open, you can enjoy playing them.

14. Find your IP address

Google helps you to find your IP address quickly in time of technical need.

15. Google Mars

If you are interested to know how other planets look like and their conditions, then type ‘Google Mars’ in the search bar to see the real conditions of the red planet. Google helps you to get a glimpse of life on other planets.


Google was initially launched as a perfect solution for search queries. But now it is more than that with amazing tricks and features. Anything you need, such as help, information, suggestions, you can google it.

Given in this article are just a few examples. There are many more Google tricks that keep its users very entertained. Google doodle, offline dinosaur game, keeping people aware of the important dates, Google maps, Blink HTML, Guitar, etc.

Few of these tricks existed previously also, but most of the users are unaware of them. But now Google has come up with many more interesting, fun-filled tricks. You can try them in your leisure time to get refreshed.

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