In the present age of global technological development, our extensive personal information such as photos, financial details, and other necessary data is documented on our smartphones. The information preserved on our mobile phones has become vulnerable to cyber-attacks, malware, and viruses.

To protect your data from cyber criminals, there is a dire requirement of antivirus software installed on your device. In this article, we will explain in detail a world-class antivirus software tool called Avast. The antivirus software, Avast protects your data and devices from malware, bugs, and viruses to the maximum.

Avast antivirus software is compatible with Android phones, Apple phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc. Besides protection from cyber threats, Avast is a complete package of many useful features that makes your device work better. The best part of the antivirus tool is it is available for free for single users. The premium version of Avast is for business people who need high security.

What Is content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporarynotifications?

Avast antivirus is the best security app protecting your devices from dangerous cyberattacks like malware, bugs, viruses, etc. Avast keeps your data secured and at zero cost if you are a single user. So, if you want your desktop, laptop or mobile phone to be protected, install Avast antivirus on your device.

When installing the free antivirus application on your device, you can see the ‘Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications ‘ folder on your device where you can get the temporary notifications by Avast antivirus app.

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How To Download Avast Antivirus Mobile Security App?

Are you searching for a reliable mobile security and antivirus software app for your mobile or other devices? Then you need not worry as we will tell you about the famous and trustworthy security app and the process to download it.

Avast mobile security antivirus app is the strongest shield against malicious software, spyware, and phishing scams. Avast mobile security antivirus is the mobile version of the world’s best desktop antivirus software. The app is available for free with many unique features that fulfill your expectations.

Avast became a world-class brand in 2015

Since then, it has been available for a global audience. It is worth more than 2 billion dollars, reaching the top of the list of antivirus vendors worldwide. The users are well assured of the safety and security of their devices. Avast provides the best quality service that is no shorter than the other premium services.

What Is Avast Mobile Security Antivirus And Its Advantages?

Avast mobile security antivirus is a free app that helps its users to safeguard their valuable data and other personal information from gamblers who want to steal your data for malicious use. The personal details on your smartphones and tablets are guarded with maximum security by Avast mobile security antivirus app. There are many advantages Avast mobile security antivirus offers for free.

  • To protect the device from spammy links or infected websites, Avast has a unique feature called a web shield.
  • There is a call blocking option that blocks fraudulent or unwanted calls.
  • Avast mobile security antivirus has an inbuilt app lock option that prevents unauthorized access to your smartphone or tablet.
  • The other advantages of Avast mobile security antivirus software are a power saver, anti-theft software, a photo vault, ad-blocker, wi-fi security, and many more.
  • The Avast mobile security antivirus software provides the highest possible cleaning capacity, detects threats, and fights against the infection that spoils the working state of the device.

What Are The Features Of Avast Mobile Security Antivirus App?

Simple And Easily Manageable Interface

Avast mobile security antivirus app has a unique interface that lets users navigate through its features without difficulty. It is a simple tool that quickly understands its features.

The antivirus app provides access to features like adblocker, website shield, power saver, photo vault, wi-fi security, and a few others. All the parts are user-friendly, and a brief description is provided for every feature to understand easily.

Features Are Customizable

It is an excellent option where you can schedule virus checks. The apps on your device undergo regular scrutiny at the appointed time. You can customize the features according to your desire.

Wide Range Of Functions

One of the reasons for the Avast mobile security antivirus app’s popularity is its extensive set of functions and features. Avast antivirus app comes up with a complete package of features that help your device run smoothly.

Features like website shield, ad blocker, photo vault, power saver, wi-fi security, phone locker not only protect your data and device but also give you a fantastic experience.

Absolutely Free

It is splendid that all the tools and features on Avast mobile security antivirus are entirely free. You can access any part you like without restrictions. Avast is the only mobile security antivirus software app wherein all the features are accessible for free.

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Avast Mobile Security Antivirus Software Free Version

Avast claims that their software available for free is the quickest and the safest software than the other paid services. The app’s overall performance is far better than other famous antivirus apps. You need not go for a second option as it is the best free antivirus app. It provides services that are better than the paid ones.

The free antivirus app has 37 languages already installed and that itself is an excellent package at zero cost. However, one single user can only access the free version’s features. The app is not compatible on multiple devices.

Avast Mobile Security Software Premium Version

The premium version of Avast is used on multiple devices, including all the special features. The pro or premium antivirus software is accessible on any computer. You should update it regularly to enjoy its maximum benefits.

There are subscription plans for one year or two years that can be used for up to 10 computers and an extra fee for more than 10. The features of pro and free versions of the app are almost identical with one exclusive part in the pro version called Safe Zone technology. It keeps your information secured even when you are online. This remarkable technology provides the highest security that prevents others from tracking your information and personal details like credit and debit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, etc.


Avast software is the most reliable, popular, and trusted antivirus software that protects your data and devices from potential threats like spying, malware, bugs, information theft, unwanted surveillance, etc. It also saves you from cybersecurity threats like piracy and hacking.

Avast comes up with many in-built tools that fully protect your details from malware. There are free versions for a single user and a pro version for business groups that need the highest network security.

Avast is a highly intelligible and quickest antivirus software that detects and removes malware in less than 12 seconds. It assures 100% protection for your smartphones. So, if you want to install the best antivirus app on your device for complete protection, then definitely go for Avast.

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