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File:///SDcard/ SD cards are used in devices like smartphones, digital cameras, iPods, and other smart devices to amplify the storage data of the device. SD card is an external tool inserted in the provided slot of the device and is also used to exchange files between devices.

One must be very careful while viewing or recording HD files on an SD card as it may get damaged or corrupted while using other Android apps. Be on guard while transferring data from an SD card to another device as they easily get ruined.

Define file:///sdcard/

The file:///sdcard/ is a special tool that creates a path to view the android files and the data stored in the internal storage of the android device. With this method, you can view the files and other data stored but cannot delete or change the position of other files. It is greatly helpful to find out the path to the SD card from your browser.

Special Features Of SD Card

SD cards have many useful features that are worth mentioning. SD cards come in various memory sizes, different storage capacities, and varying speeds. Read the following features to choose the best SD card for your device.

Memory Size

SD cards are available in different memory sizes starting from 32 GB. You can get a maximum of 256 GB SD card. These SD cards provide additional storage space for your devices. However, the data must not cross the memory size of the SD card as they get corrupted.


To get the maximum benefit T-Mobile recommends using SD cards with Class 6 or UHS class 1 or higher. The speed classes of SD cards are different from speed ratings.

Storage Capacity

It is essential to leave 1 or 2 GB of the maximum memory capacity of your SD card. If your SD card is 32 GB, then do not use the complete storage capacity. This way your SD card works fine for a longer period.

SD Card Sizes

The SD memory cards vary in size depending on the devices and the slots they should fit in. The smallest of all is the microSD card that perfectly fits in android phones, iPods, a few digital cameras, etc.


The best feature of any SD card is they come with a lifetime warranty. If the SD card you purchased is not working properly then you can replace it with another one.

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What Is The Process To Move Files From SD Card To Internal Storage Space?

You can store various types of files like pictures, videos, audio files, documents on an SD card. They are stored separately in specific folders. To check the stored files on your SD card, go to the memory section of your android device where you can find two categories. One is the internal storage, and the other is the SD card.

When you click on the SD card you can see folders like Pictures, Documents, Images, Downloads, etc. You can open any of them by double clicking. You can move files from an SD card to the Internal storage if you have enough memory on your Internal storage.

Location Paths To View Files On SD Card

Type file:///sdcard/ on the address bar of your Google web browser. You can open exact folder locations by typing specific words. For example, if you want to open the download folder, mention download in the address bar. If you want to see photos on camera visit the DCIM camera.

Likewise, some paths take you easily to a specific location. They are mentioned as follows. Just type the given below location paths on the address bar to simply reach them.

  • To open the download folder: file:///sdcard/download
  • To view files stored on camera: file: ///sdcard/dcim/camera
  • To view files on the gallery: file:///sdcard/gallery

The formats in which the elements are available are MP4.doc, MP3,.txt, JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. In addition to this, you will witness the name, format, weight, and date of modification of files while visiting the folder.

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How To Move Files To file:///sdcard/

This is a very simple process. At the start, you should find out the location path to that particular file in your internal storage space. Follow the below steps to move files to an SD card.

  • Open ‘My Files’ on your android device.
  • Select Internal Storage.
  • Now, select the folder from which you want to move the files.
  • Then, go to the menu and choose ‘Edit’.
  • Select the files you want to transfer.
  • Now, open the SD card.
  • Then select the ‘create a folder option’.
  • Then open the folder and press paste.
  • The files are transferred to your SD card.

How To Save Files To Your SD Card?

To save files to your SD card, follow the below steps.

  • Select ‘My Files’ on your Android device.
  • Open ‘More Menu’ in the top left.
  • Now, open the settings.
  • Click on, ‘Save to SD card’.
  • Now click on ‘allow’ to initiate the process.
  • Then all files will be saved to the SD card.

How to transfer files from an SD card to your computer device?

Initially, insert the SD card on the device.

  • The PC reads and detects it.
  • Click on ‘window’s button + E’ on your device.
  • ‘My Computer’ opens.
  • Select the files you want to transfer.
  • Cut and copy the files you want to move from the card to your PC.
  • Now paste the selected files on the SD card.
  • The selected files get transferred onto the SD card.
  • You can also simply drag the files and drop them on your SD card.
  • Once the process is completed, you can carefully remove the SD card from the device.


We hope you understand the complete features of an file:///sdcard/ SD card and various methods to transfer files from your device to the SD card and from the SD card to the device. The files must be transferred with care and caution whenever done. The SD card may get damaged if the transfer is not done properly. The files also may get corrupted. If the files get corrupted, they may not open. Of course, you can use data recovery software to get them back, but it is a strenuous job.

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