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How Can Artificial Intelligence Be Used Within Companies?

If a robot can even pass the entrance exam, you can already imagine the infinite possibilities of using artificial intelligence in companies. It can range from everyday tasks to interacting with humans on websites and stores. Here are some of the options and their advantages:

Process Execution

Whether on the production line of a car factory or in the back office of a mining company, artificial intelligence can perform various tasks, especially those that are repetitive.

Search For Business Opportunities

The ability to analyze a large amount of data in short periods and indicate possible paths for a business is another possibility of artificial intelligence. A machine focused on seeking new customers can, for example, find opportunities in other markets through territorial expansion or identification of different options in already established sectors. To provide this analysis, big data is used, that is, the storage and interpretation of a large volume of data of different natures – documents, videos, geographic information, etc.

Hiring And Retaining Talent

Imagine that you have an open position and have received a series of resumes, but you still haven’t found the ideal person. Artificial intelligence can also help in this search by relating the most important characteristics of the vacancies and the competencies of all candidates. Specialized machines may be able to find even those who haven’t applied.

Customer Service

Virtual chat to solve customer problems and virtual assistants that help users in their daily lives are just two options that artificial intelligence provides for the end consumer. To make this interaction more assertive and natural, the machines “learn” with each service, managing to establish conversation patterns and defining the most appropriate responses for each situation. This is how chatbots work, which can streamline and improve internal processes.

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Companies?

By opting for the solutions that AI makes possible, processes can be optimized from end to end: from the automation of internal activities to the final experience of the consumer who has just purchased a product.

The expert on the subject, considered one of the leading digital thinkers, highlights how this technology has become a priority worldwide. “From natural language algorithms (which enable chatbots) to computer vision and predictive analysis systems, intelligent APIs (Application Program Interface) are now available, scalable and accessible for any type of business, further expanding their possibilities of use”, highlights its website.

Find out now what are the main benefits for your business:

More Security And Less Risk Of Failure

AI-based software is capable of detecting fraud in real-time. Based on the patterns identified from regular operations, these systems see when something doesn’t go according to schedule. In addition, the precision made possible by these systems drastically reduces the risk of failures in executing actions.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Robots can respond to consumer demands efficiently. Whether to offer a product or even to seek solutions such as late delivery, they can guarantee that tasks will be performed satisfactorily, especially for the retail sector that has to deal with a great diversity and quantity of products. And therefore, the demands are diverse and require quick responses.

Increasingly High Productivity

AI has already reached a level of sophistication that allows each employee of the company to have a virtual assistant that helps in scheduling daily activities and in the relationship with the necessary sectors. The quality of services is even more assured with this type of resource.

By automating time-consuming and exhausting processes, teams can focus on other activities that will bring more profit to the business.

Real-Time Data Generation

Company-wide information can be processed in real-time. Managers can access this data from anywhere, make strategic business development decisions, and have innovation insights for different sectors.

Cost Optimization

By optimizing company-wide processes, cost reduction becomes a reality. The greater the precision and agility of the activities, the better the performance and the lower the risk of failure.

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