How To Clean And Disinfect Your Smartphone

During our days, the smartphone represents a faithful travel companion that we carry everywhere, and that keeps us “company” whatever we do. This is why this precious technological object comes into contact with various surfaces, as well as with our hands, perhaps when they are dirty or greasy. In all these cases, it is therefore necessary to periodically clean and disinfect the device in order to eliminate all the bacteria that nest on it, which could create quite a few problems for our health. In this guide, we therefore want to show you how to clean and disinfect your smartphone in a simple, quick, and safe way. Let’s see how we need to proceed.


  1. Denatured alcohol at 75 degrees
  2. Non-abrasive cloth
  3. Spray solution for cell phone cleaning

Unplug Your Phone From Any External Charger

Before you start cleaning, it is necessary to unplug and unplug your phone from any external charger. Cleaning must be carried out with the telephone strictly turned off. Secondly, before moving on to disinfection, make sure that the smartphone is no longer hot and that its entire surface has, therefore, wholly cooled down. Once you have waited the time necessary for all these conditions to occur, you can remove the cover. It will now be possible to move on to cleaning. Let’s see how.

Carry Out Disinfection

Therefore, prepare a non-abrasive cloth and soak it with a small amount of traditional alcohol. Alternatively, you could also take a soft, lint-free cloth and apply a small amount of medical alcohol to it. At this point, you will have to exceptionally delicately clean the screen, the sides, and the back of the smartphone with movements that go from top to bottom. When cleaning, remember not to touch the areas around the charger connection ports and the integrated camera flashlight.

Apply A Spray Cleaner

Your smartphone cleaning and disinfection operation is almost complete. However, remember to wait at least 5 minutes before turning it back on and then using the device. We also recommend that you do not use other disinfectants in addition to alcohol and that you do not spray this substance directly on the phone. The alcohol spray is, in fact, flammable and could therefore damage the device. 

During the cleaning and disinfection action, remember always to stay away from heat or electrical sources. Suppose you notice that the display of your smartphone has become slightly cloudy due to the application of alcohol. In that case, you can quickly solve the problem by spraying the shoe with a small amount of spray liquid for cleaning mobile phones, readily available in all shops specializing in the sale of smartphones.

How Do You Proceed To Sanitize Your Smartphone?

Here is a simple 3-step guide to effectively cleaning your smartphone:

  1. Take the microfiber cloth (or the one you chose from the ones recommended in point 1) and moisten it slightly with the prepared mixture of alcohol and water or with a specific solvent-free detergent.
  2. Begin to gently and slowly clean the front of your device, the speaker, and, if present, the home button, and make constant circular movements. Avoid putting pressure on the display. If your smartphone has a large amount of dirt nestled in some places, help yourself with a slightly moistened cotton swab.
  3. Now move to the back of your mobile phone and the various side buttons. As with the front, use the cloth and make delicate circular movements. To better clean the joints, holes, and frame, we recommend using a cotton swab, as previously indicated.

Carry out the steps described so far for the case as well. Remember to be very careful not to wet the cloth excessively, as you risk moistening your device too much. Leave your smartphone to dry thoroughly before turning it back on.

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