How To Use The New “Sleep” Mode On The iPhone

iOS 17 brought a host of new features, but arguably one of the most intriguing is Sleep Mode, which takes your iPhone’s lock screen to a whole new level. Indeed, this mode transforms your iPhone into a versatile tool that can serve as an alarm clock, a radio, or even a digital photo frame, well beyond a simple screen saver. In this article, we will guide you through the different ways to customize this new mode to suit your needs and tastes.

What Is “Standby” Mode?

Sleep mode is a feature that activates when your iPhone is charging and placed in landscape mode. It allows you to display various helpful information, such as the time, weather, upcoming events on your calendar, and even live streams from compatible applications.

Additionally, “Standby” mode is not static; it offers several screens that you can navigate by swiping your finger from left to right. Each screen can be customized according to your needs.

How Do I Activate “Standby” Mode?

“Standby” mode is usually enabled by default on iPhones running iOS 17. However, check its status in your device settings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll through the options and tap “Standby”.
  3. Make sure the activation switch is green. If not, enable it.
  4. Plug in your iPhone to charge. Using a dedicated stand, wired or MagSafe, is recommended for the best experience.
  5. Place your iPhone in landscape mode, with the edge of the device facing down.
  6. After a few seconds, the “Standby” screen should automatically activate, displaying the clock and calendar by default.

The different layouts of “Standby” mode

A La Carte Widgets

The first layout gives you the option to place two columns of widgets, which can be organized into intelligent stacks. To customize these widgets, tap and hold one of them. After authentication via Face ID or password, you can add, remove, or rearrange widgets according to your needs.

Interactive Photo Gallery

The second layout turns your iPhone into a digital photo frame. You can choose which album to display, but note that this layout does not allow adding widgets.

Stylized Clocks

The third layout is dedicated to displaying the time and date. You can choose from five different clock styles (analogue, digital, world, solar, and float), but the customization stops there for this layout.

How Do I Customize The “Standby” Mode?


To customize widgets, tap and hold the device you want to edit. Once authenticated, you will have access to various options for adding or removing widgets from your innovative stack.


To customize the photo view, tap and hold the screen. After authentication, you can choose the album to display or even select categories like “Nature” or “People”.


To change the clock style, tap and hold the screen when the clock layout is active. You can then choose from the five types of clocks available.

Additional Settings

You can also adjust additional settings in your iPhone’s Settings app. For example, you can activate “always on” mode if your screen is compatible or “night mode” for minimal lighting.


iOS 17’s Sleep mode is a versatile feature that goes far beyond a simple screen saver. Whether you want an informative dashboard, a digital photo frame, or a stylish clock, the customization options are numerous. So don’t wait any longer, and start personalizing your experience today!

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