How To Enter The Hidden Wiki Of The TOR Network

TOR is the abbreviation for The Onion Router, an unknown correspondence framework for the Internet, usable with a specific program, fundamental for getting to the Deep Web, the invisible Web. This correspondence framework depends on the onion steering convention and subsequently figures out how to ensure the security of clients from the investigation devices of information traffic on the Web through an organization of onion switches (likewise called transfers) oversaw by volunteers, by and large programmers, which permit the secrecy of heavy traffic and the formation of covered up, mysterious administrations. 

Among these administrations, one of the most utilized by clients of the profound Web and the most required is the Hidden Wiki. Hence, the article staff of Income. It clears up in this article how to enter the Hidden Wiki of the TOR organization. Steps to follow:

Step 1

The TOR Hidden Wiki is a website where, like Wikipedia, each user provides other users with services and resources available within the Deep Web or in the TOR network. More specifically, it is a site that contains a directory where other places with the extension .onion are listed and linked and where there are many articles and explanatory pages, in the style of an online encyclopedia in wiki format (such as Wikipedia), related to deep web resources.

Step 2

Since this is a hidden service that allows you to find equally hidden resources that are not accessible to everyone, the linked contents will be the most disparate: from research and scientific data that their authors intend to publish freely without legal or ethical constraints, to child pornography sites, from smuggling to the illegal sale of drugs or drugs. The contents are divided by genre and language.

Step 3

To access the TOR Hidden Wiki, you must first have access to the Deep Web by installing the TOR Browser Bundle, the particular browser, also available in a portable version, which can be used without the need to download, with Mozilla Firefox, it will be possible start surfing the deep Web. It is advisable, as a preliminary, to disable any antivirus and firewall active on your PC, javascript cookies, temp files and programs such as Cleaner. It is also advisable to disconnect the cable of your webcam or directly the webcam if it is inside a computer.

Step 4

At this point, from the TOR home page, the one accessed after double clicking on “Start Tor Browser”, the next step to access the Hidden Wiki is to copy and paste one of these two URLs: http: / /kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki /index.php/Main_Page or http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/ on the Tor Browser.

Step 5

From recent “rumors” circulating in the most unofficial channels, such as the forums of sites specialized in new technologies and resources for the Web, we learn that the Hidden Wiki for some months now is no longer updated and has been obscured and that his administration has been arrested. Precisely for this reason, (partial), mirrored versions have been made, i.e. copied, as happens in a mirror, of the original Hidden Wiki, which can be accessed by copying and pasting the following links on the TOR browser: http: // torlinkbgs6aabns. onion /; http://jh32yv5zgayyyts3.onion/; http://wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion/. Also helpful is the Hidden Wiki site, available on the Web and accessible to all, where you can find other valid links to consult the wiki resources of the deep Web.

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