How To Improve Your Visibility On LinkedIn

To be successful on LinkedIn and achieve the desired results, it is necessary to increase profile visibility and the Social Selling Index: how to do it.

LinkedIn is a social network created to allow professionals in all fields to develop profitable and advantageous social networks, give life to collaborations, and increase the productivity and success of workers. Those who use the platform in an aware, correct and strategic way can achieve marketing and business objectives more efficiently. To understand the quality of your profile’s performance, you can analyze the Social Selling Index.

LinkedIn: What Is The Social Selling Index

  • The Social Selling Index (SSI) is an index ranging from 0 to 100 that measures the performance of a LinkedIn profile. It was first introduced in 2014 and was initially intended only for accounts that subscribed to a Premium subscription. Subsequently, the possibility of understanding the quality of one’s activity through this metric was extended to all members.
  • It is an indicator that serves to make a self-assessment and is especially useful for those who intend to increase sales. The Social Selling Index measures how effectively the profile can raise awareness and establish a professional brand, reach and find customers or potential customers, network with other members, build relationships, stimulate interactions and obtain good results.
  • The Social Selling Index is obtained by evaluating the completeness of the profile, use of search tools, sharing content and updates, and level of interactions on the platform. To increase your SSI score, you can implement strategies that simultaneously lead to an increase in views.

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index: How To View Your Score

  • Before understanding how to improve your Social Selling Index, you need to understand the profile’s effectiveness and view the score assigned by LinkedIn. To do this, visit the page dedicated to solutions for sellers, LinkedIn Sales Solution, and select the SSI from the available resources.
  • By clicking on ‘Get Your Score’ and entering your credentials, you will get your score, with all the details on the individual components, the SSI ranking of the sector to which it belongs, and on that, the network.
  • The Social Selling Index is an excellent way to do a self-assessment of the profile, but to understand the effectiveness of one’s business; other elements must also be considered, such as the achievement of the objectives set.
  • The user will also be given the average Social Selling Index of people belonging to the same professional sector and of the one owned by their connections. It is an incentive to improve or to maintain a good activity on the platform.
  • Four categories contribute to the definition of the Social Selling Index score. The first is related to the creation of a professional brand. To ensure that the evaluation is positive in this area, it is necessary to complete the profile and take care of it, taking into consideration the final customer you want to reach. The goal must be to become a leader in the sector by publishing relevant and exciting content.
  • The second factor affecting SSI is ‘finding the right people.’ To improve the score, it is necessary to identify the reference target and potential customers in the most detailed and precise way possible by conducting in-depth research on interests, needs, and habits.
  • This will also make it possible to improve the performance relating to the third factor: interaction with relevant information. Discovering and sharing relevant news and updates is essential to build trust with other users and to strengthen it.
  • The fourth and final factor is about building relationships. To get a positive rating, it’s important to consolidate your social network by earning the trust of LinkedIn decision-makers. It is essential to be professional, capable, and prepared.

Social Selling Index: Actions To Increase It And Increase Profile Visibility

You need to develop an effective strategy to improve visibility on LinkedIn and obtain satisfactory results from your business. Being present on the platform and creating an editorial calendar to be respected is good. It is advisable to publish content frequently, at least one content per day. 

Telling about your work, projects, life, professional experiences, and anecdotes is an excellent way to capture readers’ attention. On LinkedIn, you can publish posts, images, videos, and surveys to compare yourself with other professionals, raise doubts and obtain interactions.

Publishing videos and photographs, making your profile more personal and human, will allow you to establish an emotional bond with other users.

The latest and most successful content can be featured in the featured section. It would help if you increased the visibility of the material, demonstrating your professionalism and the skills and knowledge you possess.

Visual content can be used strategically. One iconographic element that first captures LinkedIn users’ attention is the cover image. It needs to be updated frequently with quality and eye-catching material.

To be successful on LinkedIn, it is optional to have a large number of contacts. Still, a well-selected network comprises people who work in the same sector or similar professional environments, with the same interests, and with whom collaborations could be created. It is quality that counts, not quantity. 

Lastly, using correct hashtags and the most suitable keywords increases profile visibility. It will help if you carefully research what to include in your content and profile.

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