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How To Improve Your YouTube Videos

Creating professional videos for YouTube is not easy; here is a guide to improving your videos thanks to tricks and video editing programs.

More and more people need to shoot videos. Whether it’s for passion, to promote your business or for work, recording a movie is no longer just the prerogative of professionals in the sector.

You often choose to do it yourself, even if you need a professional. In all these cases, we must never forget that the video must be beautiful to see and usable for the public. It doesn’t have to look like an amateur video, but get as close as possible to a professional product.

If you want to post the video to YouTube, the uploaded videos must be perfect. Only in this way can we face the great competition on the platform where all the significant YouTubers publish their videos. To stand out from the crowd, you must follow the right advice and take care of your video down to the smallest detail, both during and after shooting. You can follow some simple rules or advice or rely on video editing programs to achieve these goals.

Here is a guide outlining what to do to become a video pro.

Enhance The Video Lighting

  • One of the most critical factors for the success of a video recording is the light. The quantity and quality of the light on the scene are decisive for obtaining an excellent final result.
  • Suppose you can artificially create the proper lighting or are lucky enough to capture the perfect moment of natural light. In that case, you can get great professional video even with a mid-range camcorder.
  • Illuminate the shooting subject well, even from multiple light sources. There must be no gray areas in the shot. Use at least a couple of LED spotlights or panels and place them at different angles to achieve uniform illumination. Make sure you have all the material before shooting. 
  • Pay attention to the background if the shooting scene is indoors or in a room. Create a light environment or light it well to improve the perception of the depth of the shot.
  • If you want to use software to modify the light of a video, VLC is a great tool that allows you to make changes in real-time, perfect for lighting a movie that is too dark.

Shoot And Export Videos In 4K

  • Even on YouTube, the standard corresponding to quality footage fits with 4K. If you have a video camera that allows you to record in this format, always shoot with this resolution. This way, all the details will keep high quality.
  • If you have any doubts about the slowness of loading a video in 4K, you should know that YouTube can reduce the stream’s resolution to 1140, 1080 or 720p if it detects a connection with a slow speed.
  • The reverse cannot happen. If the video were uploaded in a lower resolution, it would never be able to be viewed in 4K.
  • When you cannot directly film the video in 4K, you can decide to export the footage in this format. Once uploaded to YouTube, the platform itself will compress the video through an algorithm. The result is that 4K file compression for YouTube is much less aggressive than that applied to files that have a lower resolution.

Record Good Audio

  • If you are trying to start a career as a YouTuber, you must necessarily pay attention to the audio tracks present in the video and their quality. The viewer must hear and understand well what is said in the film.
  • It should also be considered that many users watch YouTube videos directly from their smartphone, which does not have compelling audio.
  • The first tip is to buy a good condenser and non-dynamic microphone. Choose a wired microphone or a wireless model, depending on the shooting type.
  • To improve the audio in post-production, use one of the many programs available on the market. One of the best is Audacity, a software available for Windows and Mac. Free and open source allows you to edit audio quickly thanks to the intuitive interface. Despite having very advanced features, it is also suitable for beginners.

Use A Program To Record The Screen

  • Suppose you are making a tutorial and need the public to see the application, video game or software on your computer screen. In that case, it is a good idea to download and use a program suitable for screen recording.
  • Among the best programs suitable for this purpose stands out CamStudio, a light and easy-to-use software that allows you to record everything that happens on the screen using only the keyboard shortcuts, making your hands free from the mouse.
  • Always try to alternate between shots, interspersing frames of screen recording with angles of yourself shot by another camera.

Invite Users To Subscribe To Your Channel

The first goal is to get the most users to watch the video posted on YouTube. After getting the visualization, however, we must also consider growing the channel. This is why it is necessary to ask the public who will watch the film directly to register.

Placing a sign-up graphic at the end of the video can be a great idea. With a simple slide created ad hoc or by inserting superimposed text, messages can be sent to users who view the video, leading them to subscribe to the channel or activate notifications by clicking on the bell.

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