How To Increase Your Sales Through Neuromarketing?

Have you heard of neuromarketing? The term is relatively recent, but this practice is one of the significant trends for companies to get to know their consumers better and understand what motivates them to make a purchase decision.

In this post, we will explain in more detail what neuromarketing is all about, how it can be applied in practice and how it contributes to increased sales. Stay with us and learn more about it right now!

What Is Neuromarketing, And How Does It Work?

Technically, neuromarketing is an area of ​​study about basic neuroscience questions. The goal is to get more information about customer behavior.

It is based on analyzes (physical and mental) made by neuroscience in several people. With them, essential conclusions can be reached about what affects people to the point of generating interest in a product and even when deciding to buy.

It is a contemporary science, but it has already been extensively studied to understand how humans feel, think and make decisions. In the latter case, the action is based on three triggers: emotion, reason or instinct. Therefore, neuromarketing aims to understand how they are used and influence the purchase decision.

Research is carried out using various techniques that help monitor how the brain reacts to stimuli (smell, image, text, among others) — and, consequently, the reactions a brand can provoke with campaigns, for example.

All this is done by observing heart rate, brain waves, eye movement, pupil dilation and facial expressions. Analyzing the results, it is easier to understand which emotions are generated with each stimulus — need, desire, disgust, among others.

Thus, from the surveys, it is possible to identify and test which strategies are more attractive to the public and have more chances of success. Among the areas of marketing that can benefit from neuromarketing are:

  • branding (management and strengthening of the brand with consumers);
  • product innovation and design;
  • consumer decision-making (a factor that is crucial to the success of a business);
  • advertising (to make it more effective);
  • online experiences.

How Can It Be Applied In Practice?

There are several ways to apply neuromarketing in a company. In the following topics, we will explain some of them.

Eye Contact With Ads

It concerns strategies that help direct consumers’ attention to products. With the focus on the ads (no distracting elements), the customer is likely to absorb the message conveyed.

Use Of Colors

Color psychology consists of a study to understand how colors affect how the customer feels. Each of them is linked to emotion and helps to convey a message.

This means that choosing a color (for an ad, for example) unrelated to the feeling you want to convey can conflict with your audience’s mood and even have the opposite effect.

Creating Titles For Campaigns

Titles are crucial in attracting the public’s attention, as they are one of the first to be noticed. This means that it is essential that they are well-designed and manage to draw the consumer’s attention to the message that will be passed.


Storytelling consists of the storytelling strategy (as the name suggests) in campaigns and any other form of communication with the consumer. According to neuromarketing, this technique helps to engage the public more since there is a whole context behind a product, for example.

This can help to generate even greater identification with the brand, making the relationship closer and increasing the chances of your customers becoming loyal to the brand and its biggest promoters.

However, care must be taken to tell true stories. If your employees or customers know that, in practice, what is said does not happen, the strategy may have the opposite result and damage the company’s credibility in the market.

How Does Neuromarketing Help To Increase Sales?

As seen so far, neuromarketing helps to understand, more and more, the behavior of consumers and what helps to increase the effectiveness of stimuli directed at them. That, in itself, is already a big step towards boosting sales. Next, we’ll talk more about it.

Most Successful Campaigns

Using neuromarketing studies before creating campaigns (or launching products) is essential to understand some critical success factors. That way, corrections can be made in time if a preliminary analysis shows that the public is not interested or may not accept a particular form of communication.

Thus, campaigns can be launched based on what is most attractive, in consumers’ opinion, and have a greater chance of success.

Greater Objectivity In The Relationship With The Consumer

Neuromarketing seeks to achieve objectivity in analyzing consumer behavior and profile  — going beyond traditional methods that typically consider more subjective factors that can lead to error.

Therefore, the study helps to translate more complex issues related to emotion, memory and well-being, among others. With this, the campaigns and all the work aimed at the target audience become more objective (with greater assertiveness).

Bet On Innovation

As said, neuromarketing is a new science. Companies that bet on this strategy can get ahead of the competition and develop communication-based innovation.

Better understanding your potential consumers and what drives them to buy is the key to developing more effective campaigns and promotions, which help boost sales. For this, you can rely on neuromarketing, as it helps understand how the public thinks, feels and acts concerning a company and its products.

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