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How To Optimally Communicate Your Capacities In Online Marketing

Capacities? Why should that be important in online marketing now? As an online marketing agency in Munich, I can explain that. Try to find a carpenter or plumber. Or a psychotherapist. Or buy an electric Audi. In all cases, the next possible date is around six months, sometimes much later. What does this mean for the content strategy on your website?

Capacity As A Trust-Building Block

Competence describes whether someone can do something. It’s one of the six main building blocks of communicating your trustworthiness. Competence consists of specialist knowledge, process knowledge, experience, passion, and capacity. Of course, if you don’t have the ability, you won’t be able to do anything either. What use is the most capable installer if he is fully booked for the next few months?

Many companies work with dummy capacities. Agencies, for example, suggest by stating their number of employees, let’s say 50, that they can implement a lot quicker. But the number in itself says next to nothing. If 45 of the 50 employees are permanently scheduled for the two largest customers, the current capacity is low. Especially since then, usually, only the most subordinate qualified employees are available at short notice.

Therefore, it makes sense to talk about the potential customer’s actual capacity to count on the website in many industries.

Exemplary Implementations

If you wanted to make an appointment with a doctor via a website in the last year (for example, to get vaccinated), you might have been confronted with Doctolib. An ingenious tool, in my opinion. This allows the doctor to manage his capacities, i.e., free online appointments directly. In the case of doctors and patients, customers can ultimately see which charges are free and can immediately choose and arrange an appointment. I prefer to wait for the music and, in today’s understandably stressed medical assistants, to get to the work.

Similar tools exist for numerous industries, although not as widely used as physicians.

Waiting times when buying a car also show what the car manufacturer is currently capable of. They are usually noted on the website, either by the manufacturer or the retailer. Excellent for the manufacturer when demand is high. Frustrating for buyers when they have to wait months for their new car. Even if it is understandable that a new car factory cannot be built that quickly, 

Another example is the delivery times of delivery services. When I order from Flaschenpost, I expect delivery within 120 minutes. That in itself is hugely impressive. Recently, it happened to me that when I placed my order, it was displayed that the deadline had to be extended to 180 minutes due to the current number of orders. Great. No problem, of course, if I know right away. And an outstanding achievement to have the current capacity communicated so directly.


In times of advancing digitization, the possibilities for displaying the current capacity are limitless. In principle, every component, every product, and the workload of the employees can be available at any time in real-time. For many companies, this is still the day’s music after tomorrow. However, more and more of our B2B customers are already setting up unique systems. Every incoming package and product is labeled, scanned, and digitally tracked to its storage location and later to production.

Time recording is an ancient technology, formerly with stamp cards, today on the computer. However, further use of this data to display capacities is still a long way off. The information is there but not used. Whether consultants or cleaning services, all service providers could communicate via their websites when and how many employees are available for which services. Sooner or later, this will find its way into many areas.

Such an ad is an excellent service for customers. A chance for the company to find new customers. Many shy away from reaching out because they instinctively assume that no one will be available for them in the short term. Perhaps a customer has just canceled, or a project has been postponed? The display of highly competent (!) experts available at short notice makes it easy for new customers to pick up the phone or send an email.


Use the opportunities of digitization. Show your potential customers what capacities you can make available to them. You will thank it with more inquiries – especially for gaps that arise at short notice.

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