How To See Last Seen Telegram Even If Hidden

On Telegram, you can see when a user logged in to the platform for the last time or his status: here’s how to find out who is online

Telegram is a complete instant messaging app with numerous features which allow users to communicate with others with complete privacy protection. Anyone who uses the platform can customize the experience in every part, deciding what to show and what not. Personal photos, telephone numbers, names and surnames, and information regarding online activity can be obscured at any time to avoid annoying invasions of one’s space.

Suppose some prefer to show as little information as possible to others. In that case, others may be interested in understanding how to see Telegram last seen, even if hidden, to be able, for example, to start a conversation at the most appropriate moment.

Other people’s activities may not be visible because you have chosen not to show your own. The limitation could be due to a personal choice, which can only be respected. Through some tricks, however, you can understand if a person has used the application recently.

Hide And Show Last Seen On Telegram

  • Platform subscribers can choose whether to show their activity on Telegram. If you give permissions, other users can know precisely when you were online or when you last logged in.
  • If you choose not to show your status on Telegram, the platform automatically obscures that of your other contacts. To see what other subscribers are doing, change the settings.
  • The Telegram setting can be accessed through the application for mobile devices, compatible with devices supported by the iOS or Android operating system, from a browser, with Telegram Web or with the Telegram Desktop app designed to be used on personal computers. The procedure is the same for all solutions.
  • Once logged in, on the Telegram home page, click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen and click on Settings. Select the item Privacy and security to customize your experience on the platform.
  • Click on Last seen and online and choose who can see the last seen between ‘everyone’, ‘my contacts’ or ‘nobody’. You can add exceptions to share or not share information. These can be individual users or entire groups.
  • You won’t see the last seen or online status of anyone with whom you don’t share yours. These users will only be shown an approximate time, such as ‘recently’, ‘within a week’ or ‘within a month.
  • The last seen or online status is shown within individual chats under the user’s name. Alternatively, you can search for the desired account through the platform’s search bar, select the desired one and click on its profile image. The name will also appear under the name, just before the other information (telephone number, biography and username).

Understand User Activity Through Private Messages

  • If, despite changing personal settings, the user’s status or last access to Telegram is still not displayed, it is because the latter has decided to hide them. In this case, the activity can be deduced from other elements but cannot be known with absolute certainty.
  • A good clue could be gleaned from private messages. Telegram lets the user know when a sent content has been read or viewed by the recipient. If only one tick appears next to the message, it means it has been delivered and has yet to be read.
  • When there are two blue ticks next to the messages, it means that they have been read or seen by the user. This could mean that the online activity happened recently. 

Understand User Activity Through Private Messages

User activity can also be inferred from their actions within common groups. When you send a message to a Telegram group, you know the names of everyone who has read it. 

Once the text has been sent, two ticks will appear next to the message. To find out who viewed it, click on the content. A menu will appear indicating the number of people who are viewing.

By clicking on ‘have seen’, you access a list containing the names of all the users who have read the message. Thus, their online activity has occurred recently or may still be online.

There are applications on the web that promise to show hidden statuses on Telegram. Its use is highly discouraged. The reasons are easily explained: their reliability is not guaranteed, violating the privacy of others is not legal, damaging the confidentiality of subscribers is not correct, and, finally, it could be dangerous for the security of one’s data. In this case, changing the settings to view the other user’s last seen is easy.

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