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How To Sell More With Digital Marketing In 5 Steps

Creating an excellent digital marketing and sales strategy involves planning and a lot of business focus so that they apply the right tools to propagation. Online sales tend to multiply, and the venture expands. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a digital marketing expert to master the basics of promoting your business. That’s because all the information you could need is right there on the web. There’s a multitude of courses that will provide detailed guides from conceptualizing your ad campaigns to actually implementing them. And if you do decide to go into e-commerce, there’s no shortage of helpful information to be gleaned from the Internet. Whether you’ve just launched a Shopify store for your handmade jewelry or have started selling custom stickers on Amazon, there are countless blogs, podcasts, infographics, and white papers to help you out.

With that in mind, check out a step-by-step guide with five steps on how to sell more with digital marketing!

  1. Persona creation
  2. Relevant content production
  3. Invest in email marketing
  4. Leverage your social networks
  5. Focus on loyalty marketing

Step 1: Creating The Persona

The first step for a successful digital marketing strategy is understanding who your audience is and how they behave. Only then will it be possible to know how to communicate, which communication channels should be used, and what kind of language should be adopted.

Therefore, it is essential to start with the creation of a persona. It will guide all the next steps of your digital marketing strategy and the delivery of more qualified leads to the sales team.

If you still don’t know what this concept is, don’t worry. A persona is a fictional representation of a brand’s ideal consumer, created from consumer behavior analysis, customer demographics, research, and studies regarding their goals, needs, and desires.

Although the persona is created from analysis and research with the target audience, it is essential to note that the persona and target audience do not refer to the same concept.

While a target audience is a comprehensive approach to a brand’s consumers, the persona is a better delineated and humanized representation of who would be the ideal consumer of this business, with a description of their motivations and needs.

Once you understand the needs and desires of the consumers you want to reach, it becomes easier to know how they should personalize their service and, consequently, be able to sell more with digital marketing. 

Step 2: Produce Relevant Content

Once you have identified your persona, it is possible to define which communication channels to use and which language to adopt. It’s time to produce content.

However, creating texts or videos without a well-defined purpose and planning is not enough. 

And be noticed, the mission is not simple. For the search “how to sell more,” for example, Google has more than 657 million different results.

What to do, then? The answer is to use SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques.

With SEO, the content is optimized for search engines, such as Google, and thus increases the chances that what you have produced will appear in the first results. 

The key here is to create relevant content for your persona and help you solve your difficulties at each stage of the sales funnel.

Thus, your potential consumer will recognize you as an authority on the subject and advance through the funnel, step by step, until they evaluate your solution and, finally, become your customer. 

Remember what we said in the first sentence of this text: good content marketing strategies generate more business opportunities with less investment.  

Step 3: Email Marketing Strategies

In 2019, nearly 4 billion people used email, according to a survey by Statista. So present in our lives for years, email has become an excellent tool for digital marketing to generate sales.

Remember when we talked about advancing leads to the following funnel stages? Well, that’s precisely what a good email marketing strategy does.

Emails with relevant content help answer customer questions and create a closer relationship between brand and consumer.

With data on openings and clicks on emails, it is possible to identify the stage of each customer and allow sellers to get in touch with those closest to making a purchase.

In addition to paying particular attention to the message, it is essential to define a frequency of sending (fortnightly or weekly) so as not to wear down the company’s image. 

All emails must contain an opt-out option with an unsubscribe link. That way, you avoid bothering those who don’t want to receive the messages and keep your list only with contacts that deserve more attention from the marketing and sales teams. 

Step 4: Leverage Your Social Networks

It’s not enough to produce and publish content if you don’t take it to your audience. Social networks should be used to promote content and create a closer relationship with consumers.

On these platforms, it is essential to maintain a frequency of posts and interact with visitors. Responding to comments and keeping this service channel active is necessary to increase brand engagement. 

In addition to sharing the content that the marketing team produces, it is recommended to evaluate ad investments. With the proper targeting, they tend to expand the reach and visibility of the brand.

Step 5: Loyalty Marketing

All the above steps help attract new customers and drive them to the bottom of the sales funnel. However, good digital marketing strategies help sell more with customer loyalty. 

According to research by Invesp, an increase of just 5% in a customer’s loyalty can increase each buyer’s average profit by 25% to even 100%.

Loyalty marketing aims to:

  • build trust among repeat customers;
  • and transform an occasional consumer into a frequent shopper. 

As it builds more lasting relationships with its customers, the company increases its average ticket, decreases churn rates, and even reduces customer acquisition costs (CAC).

All digital marketing strategies must be designed to increase sales potential. Therefore, professionals from both teams must work closely together and exchange information to achieve the best results.

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