How To Turn Off Google Lens Search: 3 Available Options

Google Lens is one of the most crucial Google products tested and integrated with Google Chrome. It can help you search for more information regarding selected images. Google Lens Image Search also helps in real-time language translation. You can also get links to the image source.

Do you want to use the old reverse search method? Don’t know how to turn off Google Lens? Read this article.

What Is Google Lens Search?

Google Lens is a collection of vision-based computing capabilities that determine what you’re looking at and use that information to perform various actions. This is an image searching feature that offers intelligent search results using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

It is an in-built Chrome feature that is recently included in the browser. Using any image, you can search for similar images and related content.

How Does Google Lens Search Work?

Google Lens shows the results after comparing items in the image to other pictures. It provides the ranking based on the similarities and relevance to the items/objects in the real photo. Lens ranks the most probable relevance of every result. It also uses several other factors, including language, words, and more metadata.

One of the best things is that its algorithms are not affected by advertisements or other commercial arrangements. The introduction of the Smart Screenshots feature enhances the Google Lens flexibility. This is a great launch of Google that has a perfect blend of editing screenshots and Google Lens.

That means if you have taken a screenshot, the toolbar will show the usual editing and sharing. Want to know how to print screen on Mac? It’s quite simple. Once you take a print screen on Mac and want to search for it, you will be able to do that using Smart Screenshots.

How to Access Google Lens?

There are several methods to access Google Lens. Just by clicking the lens icon in Google Assistant, you can get the same view as that of the Lens app. Android users can quickly access Google Lens as it is directly added to the camera app.

You may also find it in the ‘More’. Within Google Photos, you can find Google Lens at the bottom of the window. iPhone users can get it through the Google app.

Disable Google Lens Image Search in Chrome

In 2017, Google once again came back with its Lens image searching feature. It has integrated a lens to replace it with traditional image search in Chrome. Are you not satisfied with its results and want to go back to the legacy reverse image search? If yes, then disable this feature.

Wondering how to turn off Google Lens Image Search in Chrome? Opt for any of the methods discussed below.

Search By Image Extension

To use this extension, right-click on the image and select the desired search engine. In the right-click menu, you can have traditional Google Image Search and Google Lens Search. Hence, open Search By Image on the Chrome Web Store and hit Add to Chrome.

Next, click Add Extension and right-click on an image. Select Search by Image and select Google to search with Google image search.

Use Chrome Flags

To turn off the Lens search option from your system desktop, you can use Chrome flags. Go to the flags page by typing ‘chrome://flags/#enable-lens-region-search’ in the address bar of Google Chrome and hit Enter. Doing this, you will go to the experiments page.

Here, you will see ‘Search your Screen with Google Lens’ in yellow. Select Disabled in the drop-down menu and launch Google Chrome again.

Use Chrome Flags on Android

Not only on the PC but the Android device Chrome browser utilizes Google Lens to reverse the search images. To disable the lens, use the flags approach because there are no useful extensions.

Copy paste ‘chrome://flags/#context-menu-translate-with-google-lens’ in the address bar. Select ‘Disabled’ after opening the drop-down menu. Once again, relaunch Chrome. Now, you can disable the app on your Android phone.

Find “Try It”

Don’t you like the idea of using Google Lens and missing the old reverse Image Search to quickly find the images? Google Lens is a fine example of augmented reality that you must try on your smartphone, and it will produce accurate results.

Right-click on a selected image and search using the default Goggle Lens. Scroll down on the result page. A pop-up will appear that says Didn’t find what you were looking for? Retry with Google Images. Hit Try it.


Google Lens Search is the most useful feature that you can install and enable on your smartphone to add many other features. However, these features would become non-essential for some users. Hence, if you are not in the mood to use it, turn off Google Lens Search and get back to old Google images.

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