iPhone 15, The Features That Will Transform The Pro Into Ultra

There are many new features for the iPhone 15 concerning the Pro Max and Ultra versions. Here’s what we know about it and all the rumors about the new Apple smartphone

The rumors about the next iPhone 15 have revealed most of what should be the technical specifications of the new Apple smartphone.

The company has not confirmed anything, but the sources, often considered quite reliable, have already described the iPhone far and wide, teasing the imagination of technology enthusiasts.

From the (alleged) titanium body to the Dynamic Island, via USB-C and the camera, only one detail seems to be vague: the differences between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Let’s find out more about it.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Or iPhone 15 Ultra, Similarities And Differences 

The market operations implemented by Apple immediately highlighted an essential detail for the next iPhones: the disappearance of one or more models deemed “redundant”.

The various leaked rumors have yet to clarify the matter, indicating the presence of a version with a 6.7-inch screen but calling it in different ways. 

The most popular option on the net favors the denomination iPhone 15 Ultra, following what happened with the Apple Watch. But the real difference lies in the technical characteristics and, obviously, in the price.

For now, some peculiarities seem exclusive to the Ultra version, which could make it the defined smartphone of Apple stable.

The first concerns the phone’s thickness, which has increased slightly from the shared renderings. However, the camera block appears thinner, and combining the two could give a different feeling.

The second detail concerns the weight: iPhone 15 Ultra will be much lighter than the previous models, and this would confirm the much talked about titanium body, which is much more resistant to shocks and much less heavy.

Another fact that should be considered is the photographic sector, with the top-of-the-range model, which will also have an exclusive lens available. This would be a 6x periscope zoom which is exactly double that seen on the iPhone 14 Pro.

From sources on the web, this version will be able to count on a larger battery and ultra-fast charging via USB-C. A fundamental change given that battery life has always been the Achilles heel of Apple smartphones.

Finally, with all the technical characteristics mentioned above, the new name Ultra could lead to the most expensive iPhone ever with a price that could even reach 2,000 dollars by choosing the one with the most significant storage space.

iPhone 15, A Revolution Regardless Of Everything

I am leaving aside the hypothesis of the name, which, on balance, does not change much for the Apple fan base, the absolute novelty of the iPhone 15 lies in the fact that the company seems to have solved all the unknowns related to the previous devices, designing what appears to be something revolutionary.

There is always the classic “disparity” between the basic model and the Ultra, but beyond this, all versions seem to concentrate on the best technology developed by the company.

This could justify the (potentially) high price and the rearrangement of the stable with the (potential) abandonment of Pro Max for the benefit of the Ultra version.

In short, the idea is that Apple is trying to go big, especially after the recent drops in sales that marked the first absolute decline since 2019. 

The arrival of the iPhone 15 Ultra is the answer everyone was waiting for, a way to reaffirm one’s originality compared to the various competitors and that desire to innovate (and renew) that seemed lost with the latest iPhones on the market.

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