iPhone 15 Will Have A Super Powerful Sensor Signed By Sony

According to some rumors, the iPhone 15 will use the new Sony sensors to guarantee excellent shots even in poor lighting conditions. Let’s find out more.

Although iPhone 14 still represents the novelty from Apple, rumors continue to leak on the web about the brand new iPhone 15, which should arrive on the market in mid-2023.

According to a report shared by a well-known leaker, among the most important innovations of the next iPhone, there is an innovative high-level photographic sensor developed by Sony.

Let’s find out all the rumors about it.

iPhone 15, The Sony Sensor Will Make The Difference

At the moment, of course, nothing is confirmed, but if what is posted on the web proves to be founded, Apple would have one of the most powerful solutions in the field of cameras in its hands.

It needs to be clarified if all iPhone 15 models will use the sensor or if it will be exclusive to the top of the Pro / Ultra range, but it will certainly represent great news for the company.

From what we know, this device will be applied to the main lens and should bring colossal improvements, especially regarding night shots and all those made with “particular” scenarios.

In a nutshell, this technology would allow (and the conditional is a must) to significantly reduce underexposure and overexposure in photos taken with particular lighting conditions that are “unsuitable” for shooting.

All this is possible thanks to an innovative semiconductor architecture used by Sony, which greatly increases the number of photodiodes inside the sensor. 

Therefore, being so “refined” and complex, such a system will probably remain exclusive of the iPhone 15 Pro/Ultra. Still, it will pave the way for a new idea of ​​smartphone cameras.

Apple Is Betting Everything On The Photographic Sector

Among the other news leaked on the net, the Pro Max model will be replaced by the Ultra one, which will benefit from a telephoto camera with periscopic optics. 

This will also offer a very high-quality zoom, even at 10x.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the company has returned from a major crop of the iPhone 14 Pro Max sensor (however limited to 2x), which could also be used in the same way on the iPhone 15 Ultra.

In short, Apple for 2023 will focus everything on these camera innovations, further refining one of the already excellent features that have always made a difference on their smartphones.

These are just the latest big changes that will affect the next generation of iPhones. After the much-discussed introduction of USB-C, as imposed by the new European regulations, the arrival of the new Sony sensors will be a new starting point for the company, always careful to make available only the best technology available to its users on the market.

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