MacroDroid: Automate Your Smartphone The Way You Want

Have you ever thought about automating some actions on your smartphone? MacroDroid makes it simple. This application that automates your smartphone is called MacroDroid. In practice, it performs many activities that are usually performed manually with the smartphone. It creates dedicated macros that are activated when particular conditions occur.

If you think that other apps like Tasker or IFTTT do it, too, you’re not mistaken. But MacroDroid does it much more straightforwardly, but nothing prevents you from having all these apps on your smartphone and having each one do different automation.

For example, you can activate the macro that turns on the Wi-Fi connection when a specific app starts or closes. Or, when you get a notification (and you can choose from which app), Google Assistant tells you that a message, WhatsApp, or Telegram has arrived from XY. More examples? You can automatically reply to a text message, say the time by pressing the power button, turn on Bluetooth, or set the volume by configuring NFC sensors. Let’s say that the tasks you can automate are almost endless.

Automate Your Smartphone With MacroDroid

Once you download the app, you can go to Examples to see some pre-created macros it can trigger. By clicking inside, you will find the menu divided into New, Most Rated, and Most Recent, and if you click on each one, you will find many actions inside, ready to be taken to your smartphone. Or, you can create a macro yourself, according to your needs. 

To do this, you have to choose a trigger from the list (e.g., battery level), set the trigger value (e.g., when the battery level is less than 10%), select an action from the list (e.g., configure Wi-Fi), set the configuration (e.g., disable Wi-Fi), and give all of this a title and assign it a category (e.g., energy saving). This way, you can add more actions, set time constraints (e.g., one or more days of the week or a specific time), and much more. 

To make you understand, I looked for useful widgets with Google Assistant because the Samsung I’m using doesn’t offer the possibility to set up Google Assistant by pressing a button on the phone. Here I found both a function that reads me through Google Assistant every notification that arrives (by entering it, you can choose from which apps and what it should read if only the sender’s name or the whole message) and the activation of Google Assistant by pressing the volume up button. Find the two apps in the photos below.

Price And Availability

MacroDroid is available for Android for free; however, it contains advertisements. If you want to eliminate advertising, you can purchase the Pro version for a one-off price of €4.69. The paid version removes the ads and limits the number of macros you can download. The application asks permission to access the device and app history, identity, contacts, location, calendar, camera, microphone, SMS, phone, device ID, call data, Wi-Fi, photos, media, and files. You can save the application from the Google Play Store. For installation, you need at least Android 4.2 or later.

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