Microsoft Edge, How It Works, & For Whom The Free Built-In VPN

Microsoft is about to launch a version of the Edge browser with a built-in free VPN service. When will it be available, and what we know about it

The “war” between the various browsers sees, as usual, in first place Google Chrome which, with the latest version released, has added the energy saving mode and one for saving resources.

However, Microsoft wants to counter the excessive power of the big G, equipping the famous Edge browser with new unique, decidedly captivating features.

After the latest Bing rumors and the new ChatGPT artificial intelligence integration, the Windows browser could add some basic settings, including a built-in VPN currently only intended for a small audience.

Let’s find out more about it.

Microsoft Edge: News About The New Built-In VPN

The first time Microsoft tested a version of Edge with a built-in VPN service was about a year ago. 

The company has recently implemented this feature for some users who have been able to try it since the latest stable version of the browser. 

Secure Network has been implemented in collaboration with Cloudflare and provides internet users with 1 GB of secure VPN traffic, already included in the free plan. 

After the trial period, the project reached the final stages of development. Therefore, Microsoft could make it official soon, announcing the prices and the global release of Edge Secure Network.

According to analysts, the new feature will bring many benefits for user privacy and its ability to “bypass” various geographical restrictions by changing the PC’s IP address. 

From some screenshots that appeared online, the Microsoft Edge VPN service will support three operating modes: Selected sites, Optimized, and All areas. 

This suggests that it will be possible to choose which sites to protect with the VPN or activate it without distinction. 

It is impossible to try the setting at 100%, but the first tests have satisfied the developers.

Google Vs. Microsoft, The Browser War Continues

It should be noted that Google has also added a free VPN service for its Pixel 7s. The feature has already been active since the end of 2022 and has been greatly appreciated by the owners of this smartphone.

However, Microsoft’s decision to integrate a VPN directly into Edge is another step forward in this “war” between the giants, suggesting that the company could aim for greater VPN use among its users.

Of course, it is challenging to make predictions until the official announcement of the new feature. Also, if the price were too high, many could opt for equally reliable and secure third-party VPN services.

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