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What Is A Virtual Private Network (VPN)? How Does A VPN Work?

A VPN is a specialized tool that protects your personal data and ensures privacy while surfing the internet. Let’s see how a VPN helps in securing your internet activity.

In this article, you know about what is VPN and how its works by securing ones online activity from the cyber threats.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, helps you to use public internet connections safely and securely through a private network connection. A VPN acts as a shield by hiding your IP address and protecting your personal data present on your devices. A VPN service provides end-to-end encryption so that nobody can track your online activity and physical location while securing your personal information.

VPN plays an incredible role in maintaining privacy while using public or private Wi-Fi. It establishes a secure browsing experience by preventing the Internet Service Provider from tracking you. It lets you visit your favorite websites anonymously. So, it becomes difficult for third parties to trace your internet activity and steal your data. However, you should be careful while choosing a reliable VPN, as not every VPN available online are trustworthy. VPNs such as Surfshark VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN, etc., guarantee extreme privacy and safety for your internet activity and your digital data.

How does a VPN work?

To make you understand better, here is an example of how a VPN works in layperson’s terms. Imagine a VPN is a secret tunnel that bypasses a busy highway. The secret tunnel helps you reach your final destination escaping the speed breakers and problematic drivers. Likewise, a VPN bypasses your internet activity by hiding your IP address and helps you reach your online destination untraceable. It means a reliable VPN service redirects your internet traffic through the server of the VPN itself. The incoming traffic is sent over an encrypted connection to the VPN.

When you browse online or connect to the internet, your device connects through the router and your Internet Service Provider. Thus, your ISP can monitor your online activity. It happens if you browse online without a VPN. That means every internet connection has an IP address through which your ISP can track your online activity. Besides ISPs, third parties like advertisers, hackers, government entities, and many others can track your activity online. However, if you enable a VPN before going online, your data is secure, and your privacy is protected as the VPN intercepts your data and encrypts it. So, ISPs or third parties cannot find your online activity and physical location.

A VPN is a must to have security tool when using public internet connections. The public networks are unsecured, and different people use them. So, there are pretty good chances for hackers or fraudsters to spy on your browsing activity and steal your valuable data like passwords, credit/debit card pins, etc. Some cybercriminals may even install malware on your device. Some public networks have passwords, but they are available to everyone, which is not safe.

How does a VPN secure your online activity?

A VPN ensures safe online browsing and enhances your privacy. Security is an essential factor while surfing online.

  • A trustworthy VPN service safeguards your personal information from hackers and cybercriminals.
  • It provides maximum security when using public networks.
  • It masks your IP address and allows you to visit your favorite website anonymously.
  • It intercepts your data and encrypts your internet traffic, allowing you to browse safely and privately.
  • It lets you visit as many websites as you like and even manages to bypass restrictions like government censorship.
  • It protects your online financial transactions by securing passwords and pins of your social media accounts, e-commerce websites, and online banking details.
  • It ensures that the ISP does not track your browsing history and internet activity.

Why do I need a VPN?

Go for a reliable, compatible, and affordable VPN if you want an extra layer of protection while browsing online. Nowadays, there is a prominent increase in doing things like shopping, banking, or entering personal, financial, or medical data online. So, it becomes easy for cybercriminals to spy on your internet activity and steal your data. Cyber fraud has increased in recent times. So, it is essential to have a protective tool to enhance safe browsing. When using public Wi-Fi, your device and data are vulnerable to malware and viruses. So, using a good VPN service while surfing the internet is essential. The ISPs and hackers find it tough to trace your activity when you enable a VPN so you can visit your favorite websites freely.

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