New Technologies Improve Customer Service

Adopting innovative technologies in customer service has become essential for companies seeking competitive advantages. These solutions help to achieve results faster, with increased customer satisfaction, customer numbers, and sales. 

However, the call center does not have the necessary technical support in many organizations. 

With that in mind, we prepared this content to demystify the subject and show that it is possible and essential to have new technologies in the contact center. Check out!

Call Center: Entering The Digital Age

As commerce becomes increasingly online, the ability to adopt innovative tools to improve customer service must be expanded to facilitate the day-to-day operations of operators, in addition to offering a higher quality of service. 

New technologies in service will:

  1. Offer faster communication: Most customers are not willing to wait more than 2 minutes in line to be answered on the phone, and 13% say that “no waiting time is acceptable.”
  2. Deliver more direct results: Incorporate the convenience of self-service with intuitive automation, and customers can get the answers they need faster.
  3. Cost reduction: Time, as they say, is money, and automation reduces costs by speeding up customer transactions and lowering overhead. Automation allows reps to work smarter and faster.
  4. Improve customer outcomes: Automating customer responses and accessing purchasing habits and preferences leads to better results and excellent retention.

Fundamentally, new technologies reinvent the contact center and enable call agents to use their time more effectively. And they promote the connection between the areas of the companies more efficiently at a lower cost.

During the social distancing phase we are going through, finding creative solutions to support customers is vital to boost brand relationships positively. Technology can and does lead that way.

The Channels That Customers Prefer

The modern customer is demanding and doesn’t like it when they contact a call center and are not served because of technological failures. However, when the organization has this type of autonomy, the risk is reduced, thus preserving the excellent relationship. 

It is worth noting that, currently, most customers prefer to be served by digital channels. 

This reinforces the need for a call center that is attentive to consumer behavior and uses new technologies. A Talk Desk survey showed some channels that customers like to use. 

But importantly, the numbers below are not uniform across demographic groups. For example, 52% of millennials favor live chat, and an even more significant proportion value a quick response time. That is why it is essential to have diverse service channels to offer to the different profiles of clients served, adapting the language for each of them.

Know the details of the survey:

  • Phone support: 36% of customers prefer to speak with a real agent over the phone to help with requests for information or help with problem resolution.
  • Live chat: 33% of customers like live chat more. Live chat has the advantage of being immediate and having quick access to contact center helpers.
  • Email: 25% of customers want to send emails. Email is the automated communication of choice for everyday businesses for many customers. The email provides space for the customer to go into detail. It also gives the company time to research customer support issues. Email can be a great tool to familiarize customers with a broader range of products and services.
  • Online support portals: 5% of customers believe that support portals meet their needs. They are typically stocked with pages that cover frequently asked questions, product usage instructions, return policies, etc.
  • Social Media: Only 2% of customers prefer Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms as their preferred method of contacting a product or service provider. Privacy issues and a lack of traditional customer service capabilities prevent most customers from using social media as a means of customer support.

Technology At The Heart Of Contact Centers

As the world transforms digitally, using innovative technologies in contact centers becomes more complex. Chatbots and virtual agents help customers solve their problems on their own. 

And that means agents can spend more time solving more complex issues. At the same time, virtual assistants in the contact center can reveal valuable information to an agent and help that person resolve the customer’s issue faster.

Artificial intelligence can track the emotion in a person’s voice and instantly alert a supervisor if a conversation might take a sharper turn. Speech technologies can determine whether a person calling about an account owns that account. 

Technology in the contact center plays a role in every transformation journey. The right innovation not only allows you to support your customers better, but it also helps agents and staff. While not all companies necessarily need all of these technologies right away, finding the most strategic tools for your business can put your company on the right path for the future.

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