People Marketing: Understand What Humanized Marketing Is Like

Ever heard of people marketing? If this concept is unfamiliar or new to you, it’s time to get to know it more closely. People have different profiles and needs, so they should be treated differently. Your company needs to develop a way to treat each consumer based on their individuality.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this content. Continue reading and understand the recent changes the consumer has gone through and how the concept of people marketing can be applied to your business model.

Has The Consumer’s Mind Changed?

Gone are the days when consumers could be defined generically and treated equally. Thinking that a visitor needs to gain prior knowledge of the subject he is looking for when starting the journey with the company is no longer viable.

Consumers are ready to interact with companies that can understand more quickly and effectively what their demands are and the best ways to solve them. That is, it is necessary to understand more fully what people seek. Otherwise, the chance of engagement with the company is lower.

In addition to having more opportunities for research in decision-making, consumers began to weigh other variables as important as the price and quality of the service or product. They want to receive fast, safe, and effective care that combines both the knowledge and insight that comes from people and the speed of machines. In other words, the consumer journey poses several challenges.

After All, What Are People Marketing?

We are talking about a digital marketing strategy that uses technology to individually understand the stage in the buying journey that the customer is in. With it, it is easier to understand if a certain consumer needs to identify with the brand or if he is already in a decision process. People marketing also lets you understand how to communicate with each individual. It’s worth remembering that everything needs to be scalable.

For this to be possible, it is necessary to offer digital services based on humanization and be present in all stages of the shopping journey. The aim is to:

  • map users’ navigation data;
  • make the delivery of campaigns personalized;
  • identify the website and blog visitors;
  • understand which are the consumption profiles of consumers in an ultra-segmented way.

Using the data organized and collected by systems, it is possible to research the most relevant type of communication for the user in each part of the journey. It is suggested, for example, that when the user does not know the usefulness of your service or product, the communication will be more suggestive and light.

On the contrary, when a person has already decided to purchase and is just looking for the best company, communication must be more aggressive and work with prices. In this way, one of the great differentials of people marketing is to create the feeling that the customer must have at each stage of their journey.

Have you ever heard that data doesn’t lie? People marketing also believes in that since the information represents what people believe, think, and expect from services. With the data, it is possible to create contextualized and authentic actions for the public.

How Can Humanized Care Be Relevant?

To remain alive in the market, companies need to eliminate stereotypes and promote unique interactions for consumers. Some of the best practices at each stage are:


Expressive language in the user’s first contact with the brand can increase lead registration.


To achieve greater engagement of the lead with the brand, it is important to explore the company’s services and products benefits, functionalities, and utilities.


At that moment, proposing financial advantages, such as promotions, reduced monthly fees, and coupons, are ways to get the consumer to buy.


Promoting content that can enhance the user’s experience with the product or service improves the customer’s relationship with the brand.

What Are The Steps To Perfect Humanization?

The fundamental steps to be able to develop a people marketing approach in your company are:

Gather Information About Visitors

Use contact forms, content, and blog to capture information that can identify the lead. Remembering that you must comply with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Analyze The Profile

Once you’ve identified leads, it’s helpful to monitor their navigation. This way, you’ll have access to interests and preferences that will show each customer’s stage on the journey and their consumption profile. Users who persist on the blog page may have different expectations than those who consult the pricing page. This information is useful for understanding how and when to approach leads.

Segment The Base

Unlike what happens in the traditional funnel, people marketing works with ultra-segmentation. That way, the more specific your customer’s interest is, the better it will be. Even if the number of leads is smaller, you can fully achieve their desires.

Use Custom Messages

With ultra-segmentation, it is easier to approach the consumer as he wants. Thus, the content will be in line with the user’s intentions. Also, remember to use mental triggers that awaken the desire in consumers to make the purchase.

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