Recruiting: How AI Improves The Customer Experience

Even in 2021, despite and in some professions precisely because of Corona, the increasingly fierce competition between companies for the best talent, i.e., highly qualified workers, will continue or even pick up speed. To master this challenge, many companies rely on new technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI).

Using AI to recruit new employees is nothing new. Nevertheless, AI and the extent of its use in this area is a constant and sometimes controversial topic. On the one hand, the technology offers the opportunity to improve the recruitment process and thus also the candidate experience. On the other hand, there is also the risk that the recruiting process will become more impersonal due to AI. It should therefore be carefully considered: At what point in recruitment does automation bring advantages? And where should human interaction be better preserved?

In the following, companies will find out what needs to be considered when optimizing the recruiting process with AI, how the user experience is improved, and how these measures also strengthen employer branding and the presentation as an attractive employer to prevail against competitors.

Applicant’s Attitudes Towards AI

A fear often expressed by applicants is that AI software can only inadequately evaluate the submitted applications. Because when it comes to reviewing application documents, it’s about nuances. So can an algorithm correctly assess a person’s complex abilities? This question is fundamental in situations in which people want to change their careers and rely on transferable skills.

An HR manager can recognize the right talents that can be used across jobs and industries, but can algorithms or bots also do that? Therefore, many applicants ask themselves whether AI is used to assess their application, which correctly assesses them and their abilities and makes an objective decision.

Behind this is mostly the fear that people are only perceived as a number and not their whole personality. However, applicants want to show what makes them unique for the vacancy. You want to convince the respective company of being a “match”.

Suppose an AI makes the pre-selection for applications. In that case, however, it is possible that candidates who are suitable for the respective company are screened out and therefore do not have the opportunity to convince the potential employer of themselves. On the other hand, companies could miss out on future committed employees they do not even know about due to the pre-selection by an algorithm. Both parties miss the chance to check whether they are a good match. Should the personal points of contact be significantly restricted or completely excluded by AI in the future, this aspect would be intensified. So far, however, this idea is only one possible future scenario among many.

Optimizing The Customer Experience With AI

For many companies, sourcing, i.e. the proactive identification of suitable candidates, means making contact with as many potential employees as possible. This approach increases the number of people contacted, but it is not a sustainable or meaningful recruiting strategy. It is just a waste of time for many addresses, and it can even hurt their employer branding for the company. Therefore, the questions that talent acquisition managers have to ask themselves are: Could AI make such e-mails superfluous and optimize the recruiting process? And whose time should be saved better? It should also always be considered how a change in process or technology will affect applicants.

However, some talent acquisition teams already use intelligent automation in the sourcing process with many results and use these technological possibilities for scaling. What are these teams doing right? You ask yourself whose experience with the use of new technologies should be improved. Companies that focus exclusively on optimizing their internal process and do not respond to the expectations of the candidates often only achieve that applicants are dissatisfied with the application process and the company contact.

The design thinking approach from agile software development offers excellent support. This enables companies to find out when and how they can use automation to their advantage while still focusing on the candidates. As with design thinking, companies can start by considering who will benefit from automation and what the effects might be. Next, applicants’ thoughts and emotions should be understood as part of the process. What do the candidates think or feel at each point in the application process? For example, after the application has been sent.

How are things going now? How the following steps are communicated is crucial to give applicants a certain degree of security and the opportunity to position themselves as active and reliable employers. The use of intelligent automation at selected points in the candidate journey offers companies this opportunity, relieves talent acquisition employees and creates the best possible candidate experience.

Use Automation Correctly And Secure Advantages

Applicants’ expectations have changed. In many of today’s job markets, they can get a job just about anywhere. Therefore, when deciding on a job, it is essential for them to know how quickly a company reacts and whether they focus on recruiting themselves.

The good news is that companies can benefit from these current developments. Instead of investing energy and resources in a daily changing process, companies can work with a partner who is always up to date, combines the most modern methods and technologies in recruiting and rounds off with extensive industry knowledge.

A professional recruitment partner improves the quality of the recruitment, but the recruiting itself is also implemented faster and more efficiently. This leads to cost reductions and the creation of strategic competitive advantages. This allows companies to spend their time and energy being the best in their industry – not figuring out how to find and acquire the best talent.

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