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Galaxy S22 Ultra: Samsung Dazzles The Competition With This Display

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is poised to become the most substantial overall package on the smartphone market. Another detail regarding the display used in the Ultra and models has now emerged, with which Samsung could even outperform the intense competition in one area.

We continue with new information about the soon to be expected Galaxy S22 Ultra. Only recently did we learn more about the possible prices of the S22 series. A seemingly internal spec document also revealed more details about the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Now the portal SamMobile, which specializes in Samsung topics, has found out that the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra will set a new record for the maximum possible brightness of the displays.

Galaxy S22 Plus / Ultra: Display Reaches Up To 1750 Nits

Based on non-public sources, the portal has found that the LTPO OLED display of the Galaxy S22 Ultra achieves a higher maximum brightness (peak brightness) than other OLED screens before it. Up to 1750 nits are spoken. Other manufacturers have not yet been able to present a value in their technical data. But not only the Ultra model should reach this new mark and thus surpass the 1500 nits of its predecessor, but the Galaxy S22 Plus is also said to be equipped with an equally capable display. Only the standard model of Samsung’s flagship series should adopt the values ​​of the direct predecessor Galaxy S21 (1000 nits).

Should Samsung achieve the claimed value, this would be an advantage for users, primarily in high bright environments (e.g. in direct sunlight). The deal is implemented via the automatic brightness control, which temporarily increases the display brightness in extreme situations. In addition, these values ​​can usually only be achieved with HDR content.

In all cases, however, the manufacturer’s measurements usually do not refer to the entire screen area but small screen size. Such values ​​are generally not reached in everyday use and via manual controller adjustment since Samsung severely limits the brightness here to protect the display and prevent burn-in. According to the report, a maximum brightness of 1200 nits will be possible by default, but the average value is significantly lower.

Samsung Dethrones Xiaomi

Until now, Xiaomi held the record for the brightest OLED display. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which is difficult to obtain in this country, reached a peak value of 1700 nits. The Xiaomi 12 Pro presented in China currently only has a maximum of 1500 nits. In comparison, Apple specifies a maximum weight of 1200 nits for its iPhone 13 Pro Max However, how bright the display will be in everyday use often depends on the manufacturer’s caution. However, in extreme situations, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is likely to be brighter than its predecessor and ensure better readability.

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