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SEO Basics For Small Businesses

There is a fierce battle for visibility on the Internet these days. This often affects small, family-run companies, particularly trying with all their might to assert themselves against large corporations.

However, search engine optimization SEO is an area that is particularly misunderstood or completely neglected by small businesses. One reason for this is, for example, that it can take a little time for the SEO work to produce successful results.

Nevertheless, the implementation of professional SEO measures results in significant long-term advantages that significantly influence the commercial success of small companies. But what basics of search engine optimization should small and medium-sized companies know and implement for their purposes? The following article provides the answer.

The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is made up of different components. These then lead together to the desired goal. They consist of reporting, e-commerce, local SEO, technical SEO and on- and off-page optimization.

The On-Page Optimizations

The focus of OnPage optimization is on the part of the website visible to visitors. For example, they include the texts of the respective page and the meta-information displayed in the search results. On-page optimization is a central focus of the SEO strategy.

The on-page measures involve, among other things, identifying the relevant keywords, creating the content for the subpages of the website, writing descriptions and meta titles, designing search engine and user-friendly URLs, and optimizing images and internal links to establish.

The Off-Page Optimizations

In contrast, OffPage optimization is about building external signals that underline the website’s authority on the Internet. The relevant keywords are more competitive in Google and Co., the higher the power of the respective domain is estimated.

For example, as part of the off-page measures, more social media signals are provided on the social channels or links are purchased that refer to your website. Attention is paid to link building, as this usually poses a particularly significant challenge. Methods suitable for this include writing guest articles and a professional digital PR strategy.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

The optimizations for the search engine, which cannot be seen in the front, can be traced back to the technical SEO measures. They show a significant impact on the performance of OnPage optimizations, as they improve communication between the website and the search engine.

Essential keywords in technical SEO are the mobile usability of the website, its speed, and its structure. In addition, the professional management of crawling and indexing errors also plays a significant role.

The Local SEO

Local SEO is of paramount importance, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Local SEO efforts result in companies that operate a physical location appearing on the first page in Google, in the Google+ MyBusiness directory, and Google Maps.

With the help of local SEO, users are offered location-specific results. The local search engine optimization is always dependent on the awareness, the relevance and the distance of the company location to the respective user.


If small businesses run an online shop, some SEO specifics must be considered, which can be summarized under the category e-commerce SEO.

The search engine optimization for the e-commerce area includes, for example, the optimization of the category pages, which must have unique page descriptions – the same also applies to the product pages.

The Reporting

Also, small businesses should not miss out on using valuable tools to monitor or control the results of their SEO efforts.

With the help of the data obtained in this way, the current SEO strategy can continually be optimized or adapted promptly, and it can also be used to learn for future SEO measures. The essential tools in this context are, for example, the Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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