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SEO For Startups: Five Important Aspects

SEO is a discipline that almost all website operators cannot easily ignore. Startups, in particular, should be aware of the advantages that sustainable SEO brings with it. Below are five aspects that should play a significant role in “SEO for startups.”

When Is SEO Necessary?

This question is asked very often by startups. They are usually very unsure when it comes to when SEO measures should be initiated. It’s pretty simple: It’s best to do it from the start. If SEO is already deliberately involved in the concept phase and not only when the project or the website has been completed, much work can be saved. Another advantage is that the website’s structure can be built based on SEO aspects such as search volumes. Whether in-house or via an external SEO consultant, the SEO concept should be included in the online strategy in good time.

SEO Is Designed For The Long Term

After a bit of research, it is clear to many: SEO is a long-term affair that requires a lot of persistence and staying power. That is why startups should rely on this horse and consciously think about other marketing channels. For example, in the online area, there would be the paid placement of advertisements via Google AdWords. Still, appropriate campaigns should also be initiated in the offline area so that no financial hardship can arise from investing in SEO. This is also an important point: the appropriate budget should be available for professional SEO. Alternatively, the SEO measures can also be implemented on your own, but this requires a lot of time and leisure.

SEO Is Challenging To Calculate

The success of implemented SEO measures is tough to calculate. The main reason for this is that the ranking in the search engines is calculated from an enormous number of factors, and individual SEO measures do not always have to have a directly noticeable effect. External factors, such as offline campaigns, can also affect the website’s SEO performance. So some things are not necessarily in the hands of the commissioned SEOs. By the way, one thing should not be forgotten: The higher the competition, the more budget SEO usually requires. Therefore, a good strategy is to look for a niche and position yourself well in it over the long term.

SEO Is Constantly Changing

SEO is constantly changing. There is something new to report in the SEO scene almost every day. That’s why it’s essential to always stay up to date. This is especially true for those who want to tackle SEO in-house, but it is also good to always be up to date when hiring an external consultant. This makes suggested measures easier to understand, and the SEO strategy can be continuously readjusted. Well-known SEO magazines such as the Search Engine Roundtable, which publish new blog posts every day, are recommended for further training.

When Is SEO Successful?

SEO is primarily successful when it is done consistently and purposefully. This is also why it is advisable to include SEO in the online strategy as early as possible. SEO measures can be precisely controlled and prioritized if the overarching goal is known. After all, the same measures do not make sense for every website.

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