Seven Interesting Business Ideas Briefly Presented

Despite the ongoing corona pandemic and the associated challenges when setting up a business, many start-ups hold on to the dream of their own business. To be successful with this, a cool head is needed, especially during these difficult times. With our format “7 interesting business ideas briefly presented”, we  would like to support start-ups and entrepreneurs and offer them a platform to draw attention to their business ideas.

Vintage Clothing E-Commerce Shop

The social desire for sustainability is increasing and is a hotly debated topic, especially in the fashion industry. After all, according to a study by management consultancy McKinsey, more than half of global purchasing managers in the fashion industry consider sustainability to be one of the most critical business strategies. In Germany, the two founders Leon Jungfleisch and Moritz Gropp, want to jump on the bandwagon of sustainable fashion with their business idea. Selected vintage and second-hand clothing can be purchased in her online shop, Peeces.

The remarkable thing is that the customer should have the feeling that he is buying new goods. The shop currently has 6,000 second-hand products that are purchased from international partners around the world. The assortment ranges from 90s shirts from American sports clubs to old Nike sweaters and retro denim jackets. The purchase works like in a new store: the customer places the product in the shopping cart, pays via conventional payment services and can receive the package within two to three days. New products are published on the website three days a week.

Usually, however, second-hand products have a catch, such as an extravagant fit or minor material defects. But the start-up has a solution here too. A detailed description of the products and numerous pictures that represent the product well and a size assessment by the Peeces team that is suitable for today’s conditions should help find the right size. In addition, defects in the second-hand items are shown in the description and pictures.

Mini Bike Rack Fits In Every Pocket

The conventional luggage rack for the bicycle is very bulky, and you can usually not transport much with it. A company founder from Munich has now designed what is “probably the smallest luggage rack in the world”. This is attached to the bike’s handlebars and can hold bottles, bread bags, sweaters or other objects, for example. In addition, it can easily be put in your pocket after use. The founder is currently selling the luggage rack z. B. in bike shops and his online shop.

Bitter Substances Are Said To Help With Food Cravings

Nowadays, we mainly know the flavours sweet, salty, sour and umami (meaty). Bitter substances, however, hardly play a role in our diet. These can have a positive effect on our health. A start-up from Mannheim has taken up health and wants to bring bitter substances back into our diet. For this purpose, the founders have developed different products that contain these bitter substances. These include a superfood powder, bitter herb tea and drops. The latter is the start-up’s bestseller. The products should not only be healthy but also help to curb food cravings.

Gadget Warns Of Too Much And Too Little Sun

Summer is coming in great strides, and the next heatwave is rolling towards Germany. The warm temperatures attract many people to outdoor pools, cafes and meadows. But if you ignore adequate protection here, you will feel the disadvantages of the sun. Two founders want to remedy this and have an intelligent UV measuring device developed to be connected to a mobile phone and operated with an app. In this, you can read how intense the sun is and how best to protect yourself.

In addition, users receive an individual recommendation as to the maximum length of time they can stay in the sun without this being harmful. The sun cream’s skin type and sun protection factor can also be entered in the app. The unique thing about UV measurement data and satellite data such as ozone values ​​is combined to achieve the best possible results. In this way, the risk of sunburn can be reduced, and the risk of UV-related skin cancer can also be reduced.

But too little UV is harmful too. Because enough sunlight is needed to produce enough vitamin D. This has a positive effect on our bones, well-being, and immune system. The so-called UV bodyguard also shows how long you should go into the sun to replenish your vitamin D stores.

Liquid Screen Protection For Smartphones And Tablets

Smartphones are practical and an indispensable part of our everyday lives. It is all the more annoying when the display is scratched or even breaks. This happens faster than you think. Sufficient protection makes sense here. Pascal Buchen and Anthony Filipiak thought so too. The two founders developed a liquid coating for displays.

This should protect against scratches and glass breakage, be invisible and also not impair the touch function. The coating is applied as a liquid to the cleaned display and rubbed in. Then you polish the display with the attached cloth. The coating is cured after twelve hours at the latest. This should not only protect but also inhibit bacteria. The product is available for mobile phone displays as well as for tablets and smartwatches.

Gentle Rust Removal Thanks To Fruit Acid

Hydrochloric acid is a popular means of removing stubborn dirt and rust. But the liquid emits harmful vapours and also attacks the underlying metal. A founder from North Rhine-Westphalia started with his business idea and developed his means of rust removal. Rust delete is based on natural fruit acid and a thickener. According to the manufacturer, this is not harmful to health and is even compostable. After several hours of exposure, the agent can be washed off, and the metal is spared through use. The recipe was patented in 2017.

Plastic Hangers Against Wrong Drill Holes

Probably everyone knows it: You want to hang up the beautiful holiday or family photo, but the frame is not straight. Even after repeated adjustments, the supposedly simple hanging up of pictures proves a real Herculean task. This has now come to an end. Because the founder Alexander Schophoff has declared war on crooked pictures with his business idea. With Flexylot, a plastic hanger that can be adjusted in height and sideways within certain limits, pictures should be easy to assemble and position. The shape of the hanger allows adjustment in all directions – and this with millimetre precision over several centimetres of correction.

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