Six Current Trends In Digital Marketing

A current study shows: In the future, companies will focus even more on the further development of the marketing ecosystem and long-term customer trust. The focus is on six trends.

Digitization and new technologies in companies are experiencing a real boom in the ongoing corona crisis. As part of a study,  the most important marketing trends that can contribute to effective brand development and successful customer communication, especially in challenging times. The focus is on six topics that promote digital growth and the customer experience.

Back Up Customer Data In The Company

To create positive customer experiences, internal departments should work hand in hand – from marketing to sales to product management. The goal is always to merge the data in a central customer data platform successfully. In this way, customers can be addressed in a targeted manner, and recommendations for optimization can be derived.

To maintain control over the customer experience, companies should process the data they have collected internally as far as possible, instead of managing them decentrally via external partners such as agencies. In this way, companies can react to changes in a more targeted manner and link data better. This ensures a cohesive and comprehensive customer experience.

Rely On In-House Expertise

According to the analysis, companies are currently concentrating more on expanding their in-house expertise. They often invest in their analytics teams to promote talent and set up new internal processes. This enables clearer monitoring, precise risk assessments in terms of data security, and a faster reaction to changes in market conditions.

In this context, external experts can provide a valuable perspective, support specialist know-how, and thus complete the process.

Data Protection Concept For Long-Term Customer Trust

A transparent, individual consensus concept must be part of every customer experience design. In addition to providing information about data processing, companies should always clearly show the advantages of consenting to personalized shopping experiences. In-house, it would help if you had functioning, cross-departmental coordination.

Data protection plays a vital role in the customer experience. Companies need to build long-term trust. Clear communication and clarification on how customer data is collected, connected, and used is the be-all and end-all.

Use The Next Generation Of Measurement Systems

As early as 2022, third-party cookies will be blocked or deleted by the most significant web browsers. Companies should develop new strategies now to be able to better analyze user behavior themselves in the future. Measurement systems that are not dependent on external providers are suitable for this.

The focus should be on cross-channel real-time technologies and data-driven attribution models that point out options for action centrally and transparently.

Further, Develop Outdated MarTech Stacks

To be able to react quickly to changes, a flexible, future-oriented strategy must be developed. So-called MarTech stacks, i.e., tools and platforms for controlling marketing measures, have been built up over the years. However, these are often based on third-party data and are therefore no longer up-to-date.

Companies should evaluate their existing MarTech stacks and rely on technologies that enable cross-channel control and implementation of measures. The aim is to use fewer but scalable platforms.

Focus On Omni-Channel Marketing

Through omnichannel marketing, companies create a diverse customer experience across all advertising and sales platforms. According to the study, only one in three companies is currently addressing target groups across channels effectively.

Since consumers can be found on many different channels these days, creative and dynamic measures must be developed. Recommendations for action based on AI algorithms can be supportive.

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