Online Marketing: 6 Trends You Should Watch Out For In 2021

The year 2020 is drawing to a close. We took this as an opportunity to look back on this somewhat different year and focus on the trends that are emerging for 2021. 6 online marketing trends have come together, which we would like to introduce to you in this article. This year in particular, digital online marketing trends have emerged that will definitely have a significant impact on the new year. So let’s get started with the latest trends for 2021.

Instagram Shopping

Not new, but Instagram shopping is becoming more and more critical. First introduced on Instagram in the USA in 2017, German companies have also presented their products on Instagram and sold them directly since March 2018. Targeted advertising and the function of buying products now from the app have already successfully established shopping on Instagram. What impact will this type of shopping have on online shops in the next year? In the B2C market, in particular, Instagram provides companies with an enormous reach. Instagram has approximately 1 billion users, 90% of whom follow at least one company. The opportunity for innovation is given on this platform. Companies should use the opportunity to place their products here next to their online shop and build up the targeted mix.

In 2021, more and more “Shoppable” posts will represent an inexpensive way to increase sales. Instagram shopping is especially worthwhile if your target group is already on Instagram and your products can be well represented in pictures.

SEO Optimizations For Voice Search

Currently, voice-controlled search is not yet the rule, but it is gradually gaining more and more enthusiastic users. 41% of Germans stated that they would use voice search for search queries in the future. This increasing tendency should make companies prick up their ears. The ubiquitous voice assistants Alexa, Siri, and Co, are already showing us what is possible with voice control. On this basis, you should optimize your websites and online shops for voice search.

In contrast to written search queries, whole sentences are often used when using voice commands. The better a shop or website is optimized for these detailed search queries, the better you can reach precisely these users. So far, voice search has mainly been used for general knowledge, addresses, opening times, or the weather. Search engines can already do a lot more. With Featured Snippets and the coupling with Google MyBusiness, you can make your site fit for voice search and offer your users a unique shopping experience.

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Online Marketing On TikTok

TikTok is the world’s fastest-growing platform and has been fascinating young and old alike, especially since this year. The platform’s recipe for success: short videos. The focus is on 15-60 second videos that are played when the app is opened. The entertainment factor is exceptionally high without much effort. The principle of short, simple videos will continue to gain importance in the future, especially on social media, as Instagram recently showed, which launched a counterpart to TikTok with its Instagram reels.

The TikTok Ads were only introduced in Germany this year. Placing advertising on TikTok will become more and more critical in 2021, especially for the target group around Generation Z. The app has its finger on the pulse, and that won’t change in the next year either. Have a look at our magazine article “TikTok Advertising – Discover the new possibilities of the Trend App,” where we have already explained the topic for you in detail. TikTok, as an online marketing tool for the 14 to the 25-year-old target group, will attract more and more big brands to the platform next year. Targeted video advertising there can also be of interest to you.

Online Marketing Trend: Facebook Shops

For 2021, you should ask yourself one question: Should I set up a Facebook shop? We also give you the direct answer: Yes! In line with Instagram Shopping, Facebook has also been offering a shopping function since this year. Users can also make purchases directly in the app and are only directed to the online shop when the payment is processed. Facebook certainly has a significant competitive advantage – the data of billions of users. This wealth of data offers enormous potential to consistently provide products to the right target group at the best time in the best place. In addition to your own Facebook shop page, there is the option to mark products on the posting images or show them in videos. This enables counteracting even more closely with your customers and expands the digital sales process further.

Smart Bidding In Google Ads

We all want to increase our conversion rate and the clicks on our ads. This is precisely what Smart Bidding in Google Ads is suitable for. This uses machine learning based on the search behavior of users and information such as location, time, a device used, etc. With this data, the probability of conversion is calculated in advance. If this probability is high, Google will automatically increase the bid for the ad. Depending on the goal of the transformation, 6 strategies pursue the goal of automatically recognizing and implementing optimizations:

  • Conversion maximization: the best possible number of conversions should be achieved through bid adjustments
  • Target ROAS: a certain ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) is to be achieved through bid adjustments within the scope of the budget
  • Target CPA: by adjusting the cost per action (CPA), the aim is to achieve as many conversions as possible for a set price per ad
  • Increase visibility: the bids are adjusted so that ads are as high up in the search as possible.
  • CPC optimization: the conversion value should be maximized by adjusting the click costs per ad (CPC)
  • More website hits: the bids are automatically set to generate as many clicks as possible within the budget.

Google itself has announced that Smart Bidding has increased the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by an average of 35% so far. The data basis is constantly being improved so that even better automatically controlled advertisements can be expected in the future. Advantage of the Smart Bidding strategy: less planning effort for the campaigns. This is especially worthwhile for smaller companies.

Chatbots In Customer Support

Many of you are probably already familiar with the small chat windows that automatically appear when you open a page with sentences like “Hello! How can I help you?” These are the chatbots that are supposed to give direct answers to simple questions. Some problems can be solved quickly and in real-time via a chat. Such assistants already exist in the social media area, where they are mainly used to provide information. Chatbots can respond to users’ requests to write a message rather than being put on hold on the phone.

In this way, you create a service that is available 24/7 and at the same time hardly produces any personnel costs. Through artificial intelligence, chatbots will soon significantly improve the customer experience with your site or your shop. If you already have frequent support requests from customers that would be quick and easy to clarify or have many standard processes in the company that can be automated, the use of a chatbot is worthwhile. So it would help if you kept an eye on this online marketing trend.

Conclusion On The Online Marketing Trends

The growth in online marketing has been unbroken for years. Every year there are new trends, new information, and improvements to keep an eye on. The implementation of effective measures from year to year causes a constant optimization of your online presence. Our 6 filtered trends will make online marketing easier to analyze in 2021 and allow even more optimal control. We are excited to see how the new year in online marketing will develop.

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