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Social Media Marketing: How To Plan A Good Strategy

It is impossible to talk about digital marketing without social media marketing. Even if your company doesn’t invest in all the leading relationship platforms, which is certainly not necessary, it’s impossible to ignore them.

But, do you understand what it is and how to plan an excellent digital marketing strategy? If not, know that it is essential for any company inserted in the digital environment to see the importance of social networks for business growth.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social networks are present in the lives of a large part of the population; according to a study released in January 2021, people spent around 5 hours on websites and programs interacting with other people in the year 2020.

In this context, social media marketing is essential for brands and companies. After all, it comprises a set of strategies that aim to reach the target audience through digital interaction platforms.

Although investing in this type of strategy is essential, creating profiles on all existing social networks is of no use. Despite this, some of them are fundamental in digital marketing. Follow up!


The network created by Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous and allows the connection between friends, co-workers, family, companies, and customers. In addition to personal profiles, creating pages for companies and brands to promote the business is possible.


Instagram is a social network that prioritizes images in photos or videos. For this reason, it is ideal for photographers and professionals or companies in the field of fashion, design, and aesthetics, for example, to publicize their work and assemble a quality catalog.


Very popular with young audiences, Twitter is a practical and dynamic platform. In addition, the social network requires users to be updated with the news, which also applies to the profiles of brands and companies that want to engage with the public.

WhatsApp Business

To meet the demand of companies, WhatsApp Business was born. Unlike the conventional app, the business is geared toward business and offers the possibility of creating a catalog, classifying contacts, and automating messages, among other advantages.


The social work network, as it is known, is ideal for exchanging professional experiences, disseminating resumes, job vacancies, and successful cases. Therefore, creating a profile on LinkedIn is perfect for creating business opportunities.


YouTube is a channel that values ​​audiovisual. For business, it can be an excellent tool for disseminating tutorials, reviews, lectures, and other content related to your business that is of interest to the public.


Pinterest is a photo-sharing network. The platform is suitable for businesses focused on selling products, architects and decorators, and artisans, among others, offering an excellent opportunity to generate traffic to the company’s website.

Why Do Social Media Marketing?

Digital interaction platforms have changed how brands interact and relate to the public. In this way, digital marketing on social networks plays an essential role in the marketing plans of any business, as it

  • increases conversions;
  • increases brand reach;
  • generates more traffic to the site;
  • helps to get to know the audience better;
  • Increases engagement with the audience.

Another advantage of marketing aimed at social networks is the low investment. First, you don’t need to pay anything to create a profile on the leading social networks. And to do paid promotion, the cost is relatively lower than in traditional media.

How To Do Social Media Marketing?

Gone are the days when social networks were platforms for connecting only people. Companies and brands use these tools today to create relationships and engage with customers/consumers.

However, how do social media marketing and plan a good strategy? Check out our tips.

Set Your Goals

First of all, remember that an excellent social media marketing plan must have well-defined objectives, ranging from brand exposure, traffic generation, lead generation, and sales, among others.

Research Your Audience And Create A Persona

The persona creation is also essential and corresponds to the personification of the target audience you want to reach. In this way, knowing the consumer’s profile will make it easier to identify which channels will be used and define the type of content broadcast.

Choose The Appropriate Channels

As we said at the beginning of this article, it is not because there are several social media platforms that your company or brand needs to be inserted into all of them. Analyze which channels your ideal audience is present in and invest strategically.

Create Specific Content For Each Channel

Now that you’ve defined your goals, created the persona, and determined your goals, the next step is content creation. Content marketing is essential for social media marketing and must be tailored to the specifics of each social network.

Monitor The Results Of Your Strategy

Finally, monitoring is a fundamental step in a marketing strategy. The objective is to measure the results of actions promoted on social networks accurately. Remember: vanity metrics are important, but conversion is essential.

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