The Advantages Of Selling On Facebook And Instagram

It is known that nowadays, it is possible to increase one’s earnings by selling on social platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the best and most used platforms to implement this mechanism. To give an idea: think about how much time you spend on these two social networks. Research estimates that the average stock on social media is more than 2 hours per day per capita. Furthermore, their use is not only for pure entertainment but also allows the dissemination of information, sales/purchases, and much more. 

Recent studies have shown that users tend to spend their money from 20 to 40% more when it comes to companies they interact with via social networks. This is why it is increasingly essential for companies to invest in social media marketing. Facebook and Instagram have peculiarities that distinguish them from each other, but both meet the requirements to be effective social networks for selling products. So how can you sell on social media? In this article, we will explain in detail the analysis of some advantages you can derive from Facebook e-commerce and Instagram e-commerce.

The Advantages Of Selling With Facebook

Facebook allows you to add advertisements, obtaining an engagement that includes a vast audience. Facebook advertisements are mainly sponsored advertisements, capable of being very productive with meager expenses by the e-commerce operator. In this regard, only one thing needs to be done: open an account through the Business Manager, the platform offered free of charge by the Zuckerberg product to help companies organize and propose their advertisements.

Facebook also offers the Pixel, a code that can be added to your reference online site to track users who have visited your site in such a way as to adapt the public to your offer.

In this way, you can propose sponsorships dedicated to users who have visited your site or profile an audience similar to them. This social network is not limited to just that! Another advantage that can be drawn from its use with the aim of selling is to use Messenger to communicate with its customers, thus establishing a relationship to increase customer loyalty.

You need to link your Messenger account to your website. In doing so, in addition to the assistance and dialogue offered to the customer, it is also possible to send them the news, price reductions, and current offers, building a much more intimate bond with the customer.

The most used e-commerce platform on Facebook is Marketplace, a service offered by the social network to sell and buy products. This path is mainly chosen for a sale between individuals, but nothing prevents a company from using it to sell its products. The umpteenth advantage is that Facebook does not require any commission: the social network has no revenue from user sales because payments are made externally to the site.

The Advantages Of Selling With Instagram

The other helpful platform for e-commerce is certainly Instagram, although it still collects a purely young audience compared to Facebook. In any case, Instagram makes the Checkout service available to you, that is a direct payment method, based on the fact that the customer (still unconscious of it) is attracted by the image of the product in the “shopping” category or the posts that at the bottom left they have a bag icon (indicating that the product is for sale). By clicking on the photo (post), the user has the opportunity to purchase the product within the social network.

Another advantage of Instagram is that it can take advantage of IG stories for e-commerce sales. With the possibility of having the swipe up once it reaches 10K followers, the brand page can directly redirect the user to its website, taking away any effort and trouble to open Google and search for it by itself. Furthermore, the presence of the so-called hashtags on Instagram, nothing other than the # followed by a word, is used to insert posts that deal with the same topics within the same container to make it easier for the user to search. Affected users. 

Optimizing the choice of your hashtags will make it possible to reach a more significant number of users, who in turn will be able to share the product with their friends, creating a chain reaction that can only bring profits to the company. It should not be forgotten that, with the advent of Instagram, a new professional figure has emerged: the influencer. Although many are skeptical, their figure can be instrumental if you own a company and want to sponsor it, spreading your products. Many are now influencers who sponsor brands or support the company in exchange for benefits received for free. 

There are different types of influencer marketing. For example, it is possible to find posts with #adv (in this case, it is a sponsored one, in which the influencer has been paid to sponsor the product), #gifted by (the product is given to the influencer, who establishes himself whether to spread it in the own stories or not) and finally #supplied by (the influencer is receiving services for free, in exchange for the visibility he offers to the company through his profile). 

In conclusion, is it convenient to use social media to increase your sales? Absolutely yes! Both Facebook and Instagram are profitable and efficient platforms for businesses. There are many advantages that they bring with them and that you need to know. Staying up to date about the mechanisms behind these social networks allows you to achieve great earnings.

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