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The Most Important Cloud Trends At A Glance

The subject of cloud computing is becoming more and more critical for companies. The development has accelerated significantly, mainly due to the Corona crisis. Accordingly, it is essential for IT managers to closely follow current products and integrate innovations coherently into existing processes. You will get to know the most important current trends in this article.

Multi Clouds – The Right Solutions For Individual Needs

Multi clouds enable the parallel use of cloud services and platforms from different providers. On the user side, they behave like a single large cloud. The primary function of this extended form of the hybrid cloud is to become independent of individual providers and benefit from the highest possible convenience.

Another advantage is that different services can be grouped according to individual needs, required performance, and price. This is how you create the right cloud solution for every application area. Further advantages are increased availability and reliability.

Tip: Since the compilation of cloud solutions for individual needs is a very complex process, it may be advisable to use the support of an experienced IT company from Berlin.

IT Security – Return To The Basics

With the advancing technical possibilities, the number of attack possibilities also increases. In addition to well-known methods such as phishing emails, the exploitation of vulnerabilities, and malicious websites, IoT devices are also increasingly being used to gain access to company networks. The advancing 5G network expansion also offers cybercriminals many new attack opportunities. The most important goal is still data.

The main task for security officers will remain to protect them in the coming years, especially since the boundary between private and public networks is becoming more and more blurred and end and network access points can only be protected with great difficulty or not at all due to their sheer number. For this reason, classic topics such as password security and control over access rights are coming back into focus.

Hyper Automation – Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming More Important

The term hyper-automation summarizes AI and machine learning to take over complex activities previously primarily taken over by humans. Hyper stands for the fact that several tools are combined and subjected to automation and that the automation is also brought to a higher level.

Multi Experiences – How VR And Social Media Are Changing Our Lives

Multi Experiences stand for the use of technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), their connection in Mixed Reality (MR), and their combination in the context of multi-channel human-machine interfaces. Experts assume that the user experience will change dramatically over the next 10 years, especially how people perceive and interact with their digital environment.

The interaction of the digital environment is primarily defined by social media, while VR, AR, and MR increasingly determine its perception. The cloud technologies already in use create an entirely new user experience that appeals to several senses and takes place via many different channels. A Gartner researcher points out that the “multisensory model will shift from technology-educated people to human-educated technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) – Networking Everywhere

According to many experts, the importance of the Internet of Things will also increase in the future. The market research institute Gartner, for example, predicts 5.8 billion IoT endpoints for companies and the automotive industry.

A significant challenge will be gaps in the areas of security and networking. In this context, it is not just the growth of technology that is important, but also the increasing diversity of providers and systems, whose solutions are often not coordinated with one another.

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