The New Trends In Video Streaming

Video streaming has conquered all web users who like to view content without downloading: what will be the next trends?

In recent years video streaming has made great strides and has become one of the main ways users access multimedia content on the web. It allows you to watch movies, TV series, cartoons, documentaries, events and much more in high quality without having to download them or having large storage spaces.

The first streaming broadcast was made in 1999 and concerned the fashion show of a well-known fashion and underwear brand. Despite the great publicity of the event, there were difficulties, such as network slowdowns and low video quality. However, Streaming has found wide application since then and has improved rapidly.

Streaming today is used daily to view audio content and access video games and very high-quality videos. There are many free and paid services, among which web users can choose, and numerous trends have followed one another over time. 

Those that await us shortly are highly innovative and promise to revolutionize the way people entertain themselves and how they access some events that, until recently, could only be attended live.

Innovative Trends

Videos are the content of the future. All platforms enhance them, highlighting them to facilitate their creation and dissemination. This happens because users are increasingly distracted, and this format manages to capture their attention, involving them on an emotional level.

Short videos will be successful, which can be found on social networks, especially on TikTok and Instagram, and are particularly suitable for all those who have little time to view content. But not only. Bright future also for live Streaming.

Live video builds audience loyalty and often attracts a significantly higher number of viewers than traditional video. What stimulates users is the fear of missing out on something important which cannot be repeated. 

Live Streaming Of Events And Concerts

The pandemic has left a deep mark on people who have had to give up live events and concerts for a long time. This has led to devising new ways to live these experiences safely but without losing the sense of closeness with others.

More and more artists will allow you to participate in their live-streaming concerts, sometimes for free and, other times, with the purchase of a virtual ticket. The event takes place on stage, just like performing in front of a live audience.

Users can comment on what they see and interact with other participants during live-streaming events and concerts.

One of the advantages of live-streaming concerts and other types of events, such as plays or comedy shows, is that you won’t have to queue or face crowds to get to a place where the view is optimal: it will always be like being first in line.

Virtual Co-Viewing

Virtual co-viewing refers to virtual environments where web users can meet to watch multimedia content projection, especially video. On these occasions, we can start conversations, comparisons and discussions on the topics covered. The chat is integrated.

Interactive Content

Interactive contents also arrive in video streaming. They are nothing new: Netflix, for example, has already introduced them with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a 2018 TV series, but which was only available for the latest generation devices.

This type of content, which allows the user to make decisions and interact with videos, to intervene and modify the plot based on their choices, will undergo a surge and will become part of the catalog of numerous platforms.

Artificial Intelligence And Recommendation Systems

Recommender systems will be implemented. Based on user activity, streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, will be able to suggest the best and most popular content in an increasingly precise way. 

An evolution of what is already happening. They are extremely important and affect visitors’ choices. As Netflix has stated, as much as 80% of the content viewed is those suggested by the platforms’ recommendation systems.

The implementation of evolution systems is constant. The latter is constantly evolving; recommendation systems are evolving; they become more precise every day, especially thanks to the enormous amount of data available.

The Convergence Of Digital Contents: The Multi-Content Offer

Users enjoy multiple types of content: images, music, videos and games. Major corporations and companies are working on creating a multi-content entertainment offering to meet their needs.

In the future, it will no longer be necessary to subscribe to multiple subscriptions to different platforms to take advantage of different types of content. Still, you can find everything you are looking for in the same ‘virtual place’.

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