Understand The Transformations Of The 5G Era And How To Ride The Wave!

Who knew the world would be like it is today, right? Digital transformation is making our lives much more comfortable and practical, and the 5G Era promises to contribute even more to this.

Do you still need to learn what we’re talking about? So it’s time to update yourself; this new world is already a reality, and your company cannot be left out.

The good news is that this post will help to understand this technology and its impacts better. In addition, we have selected valuable tips to adapt and take advantage of your full potential. Check out!

What Is 5G?

5G is the latest when it comes to mobile Internet. It emerged in 2019 in South Korea, intending to be faster than previous generations and connect the world.

The high point of this technology is, without a doubt, the development of a faster, smarter, and more efficient network. Thus, the devices can browse the Internet and exchange information stable and agilely.

Anyway, the truth is that the fifth generation of mobile Internet is much more than high speed. It changed the market and served as a pillar for true Digital Transformation and improvement of other resources and technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What Are The Differences Between 5G And 4G?

As we said, 5G is the evolution of 4G and 3G. Not long ago, they were announced as revolutionary, but the technology stopped evolving and improving what can become even more efficient.

To truly understand the potential of the 5G Era, you must know where it surpasses its predecessor. See below!

Much Faster

Every internet user wants to access, download and send data quickly, which is what 5G will make possible. While 4G reaches up to 1 Gbps, 5G is unbeatable and promises to deliver a speed 10 times higher: 10 Gbps!

Low Latency

Latency is the network’s time to start working after a command. When it first launched, 4G brought a 50 millisecond hold time, which was pretty fast. However, 5G dropped that number to 1 millisecond.

More Economical And Efficient

In a world so concerned about sustainability, 5G does much more with less. Energy efficiency is a considerable difference for 4G, which, incidentally, will boost the Internet of Things, requiring smaller batteries and extending equipment autonomy.

What Are The Main Innovations Brought By 5G?

Given what we have just presented, it is inevitable to associate 5G with greater internet speed. How about opening your mind and visualizing impacts and innovations beyond that?

Undoubtedly, this fifth generation is a milestone for technological development. Thanks to her, resources and tools will come true and be expanded. Know more!

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the innovations most favored with the launch of 5G. Before it, the connection of objects, machines, software, and people was limited by networks that depended on Wi-Fi.

Now, with such high-quality mobile Internet, everything works perfectly. Thus, the technology industry must develop more resources and innovations for the business market and the final consumer.

Intelligent And Automated Environments

Do you remember when having a fully automated environment was the stuff of science fiction? Opening blinds, turning on and monitoring air conditioning, opening locks, and turning on and off lights by voice command or remotely seemed like a general idea.

5G has provided a considerable boost for this to become a reality. We live in the future, which is much smarter and more autonomous!

More Stable And Faster Streaming

Streaming is one of the technologies that have developed the most recently. The pandemic contributed to live broadcasts being incorporated into the daily lives of companies, providing memorable experiences.

In summary, data transmission over the Internet, whether audio or video, has become more stable and faster. The interference level is low, and the connection allows the user to enjoy quality content in real-time.

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