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Web Advertising: How To Choose The Most Effective Tools

Have you ever heard of Facebook ads? What about Google Display campaigns? These are just some of the many web advertising tools you have available to promote your business. Here’s how they work and how to choose the best resources for your online advertising.

Having a company website or Facebook page is no longer enough. If you want to be visible, you need to structure a good web marketing plan, including a share of investment in web advertising. It is precisely through online advertising campaigns that you can increase visits to the site and get new leads and contacts. However, the resources available are many, and you need to know how to choose the ones that best suit your goals. Let’s find out how!

Web Advertising: What It Is And How It Works

Web advertising includes all those tools and resources for advertising that allow you to improve your online visibility and consequently increase the number of contacts and new customers. These are actual advertising campaigns that can be set up on various channels in most cases.

Social advertising campaigns, for example, aim to promote your business on various social networks. These campaigns can have different objectives and, based on a specific established budget, allow you to reach a more or less broad target. Not only that, but you can also set up web advertising campaigns on Google, the leading search engine used by users. In this case, the ads are intended to increase visits to the site, generating new leads and contacts. The choice depends on the objectives you intend to achieve and the type of business you need to promote. Some businesses will achieve better results through social advertising campaigns or, on the contrary, by setting up Google advertising campaigns. The real problem lies in figuring out which channel and tool are best for your business. Do you want to find out how to do it? Keep reading!

Web And Social Advertising: Resources And Tools

Social media is undoubtedly an excellent channel for developing a truly effective web marketing strategy.

These are platforms visited by thousands of users who create posts, share information, and send messages every day. Consequently, developing social advertising campaigns can be beneficial as it can reach thousands of people profiled by age, gender, interests, and much more in the face of somewhat limited investments. Not only that, some social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, allow you to choose between different objectives and numerous features, providing an infinite series of resources and tools.

Social Advertising: From Facebook To LinkedIn

In this case, for example, through the Business Manager, it is possible to set up campaigns of all kinds, increase Brand Awareness, and collect leads and new contacts. Not only that, companies that work in the Bob will be able to choose to start web advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, a much more suitable channel for those who work in this sector. This social network also offers structured campaigns for different objectives, ranging from simple post promotion to sending emails and direct messages to a specific target. In short, social advertising is not just Facebook and Instagram ads but includes a much broader panorama of resources and tools. Similarly, even web advertising does not identify exclusively with advertising on social media. Here because!

Google Web Advertising: How To Increase Site Visits

Google is the leading search engine used by users around the world. Consequently, being present on the first pages of this portal undoubtedly represents an excellent opportunity for visibility for any company, large or small. This is a very ambitious goal, but it can be achieved by following two paths.

The first is to rely on SEO, which is all those tools that allow you to improve the website’s positioning organically. The second is to rely on SEM or Google advertising campaigns for which it is necessary to allocate a specific budget. These campaigns can have different objectives and are structured differently. This range, for example, from campaigns on the search network, through which you can position your site among the first results of the portal, to Google Display campaigns. The latter consists of advertisements and banners shown on portals and websites frequented by the user. In this case, the campaigns are addressed and viewed by the target who carried out specific searches within a limited time, using particular keywords.

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Google And Social Advertising: The Differences

Therefore, the operation is entirely different from social advertising, where you work on latent demand. In this case, the user has already expressed their need through research, and the Google advertising campaign is therefore directed towards an informed question. This is a significant and decisive difference in choosing which web advertising tool to use for your strategy. Promoting some services, for example, is more effective if you work on latent demand. In other cases, however, the opposite principle is valid. At this point, we have to explore another exciting web advertising tool. Let’s see what it is!

Email Marketing And Newsletters: Functions And Benefits

Email marketing is a very effective tool that works on a well-defined database of contacts, unlike social and Google advertising campaigns. This database can be purchased according to specific profiling criteria, or it can result from previous web advertising campaigns. In any case, it is essential that all contacts are updated and therefore “clean.” Not only that, based on the type of action desired, it will be necessary to evaluate whether to use a database of “hot” or “cold” contacts.

In the first case, these users have interacted with the brand recently and are therefore more likely to carry out a new action. In the second case, the contacts could instead result from a somewhat dated web advertising campaign. A completely different communication from the first must be addressed to a database of this type.

Email Marketing: Which Tool To Choose?

In this regard, several specific tools allow you to automatically send different messages based on the type of action performed by the user. Active Campaign, for example, is software that allows you to program and set specific messages and contents based on the response given by the user. In this way, it is possible to create an authentic marketing funnel that allows you to generate new leads and further retain contacts already collected previously. This web advertising tool is an excellent resource, which can be used as an alternative or activated with other online advertising campaigns. The choice depends on your web marketing strategy, which cannot be improvised but must count on the professional and highly specialized consultation of a web agency.

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