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What Are The Big Data Trends For The Coming Years?

Big Data is a reality and seems an inexhaustible source of possibilities. As a result, new trends are emerging to help you make the most of what data offers for your business.

The crossing of data is essential for the success of a company. When you can relate structured and unstructured data, it becomes easier to organize the business and offer differentiated and attractive solutions.

Learn about the 6 Big Data trends for the coming years:

Data Preparation

Data Preparation is collecting, combining, structuring and organizing analysis data. This service helps transform information into something tangible and workable and increases the quality of the material.

This is the basis for using Big Data, which can provide material for other IT solutions, such as the ones we will discuss next.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning technology is increasingly used both for customer service and process automation. All machine learning is done through data analysis, which is cross-referenced and interpreted.

Bots, virtual assistants, energy-saving systems, competent navigation and recommendation of different products are some of the resources already widely used by the corporate world to optimize their processes and improve service.

Hyper Automation

Hyper automation is an emerging concept that combines IT solutions to automate simple repetitive tasks, orchestrating processes in a complex and integrated way and promoting agility, efficiency and quality.

The technologies included in the hyper-automation process use Big Data as a basis for their actions. In addition to Machine Learning, it is possible to use Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and Natural Language Processing solutions, among others.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a topic for fiction films. It is already a reality and greatly helps the company’s business. This concept refers to machines and software with human-like intelligence that perform ingenious actions to improve service performance.

The system is capable of reasoning, learning, and recognizing patterns and interference and has been widely used for automation, customer service and other process optimizations.

Internet Of Things

The IoT connects objects and systems, while Big Data takes care of generated data. These two technologies work together to learn more about user behavior (whether customers or their team) and improve processes and customer experience.

Business Intelligence

In general terms, Business Intelligence is the application of Big Data to support business management. This way, decision-making becomes data-based, and business strategies consider IT from the outset.

How Critical Is The Appropriate IT Infrastructure To Support Big Data?

Thirty years ago, the volume of information was smaller, and much of it was stored in diaries, notebooks, files and records in public agencies. Today, individuals carry thousands of data on personal devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

The amount of data a company handles, in turn, is impossible to support by physical means. Therefore, the IT infrastructure must be measured, planned and adapted to the business demand.

A local, family-owned company may not need a robust infrastructure. In contrast, a large corporation must provide conditions for thousands of professionals to work fluidly without interruption in their functions.

In other words, for the full potential of using Big Data to be harnessed, no matter the size of your company, the infrastructure must be adequate to the demand for data collection, analysis and storage.

To ensure quality, security, economy and availability, it is essential to rely on specialized and reliable IT providers . Outsourcing an infrastructure is a good option, combining the availability of up-to-date and quality equipment with technical support services, customization according to demand and cost reduction.

An IT partner like Microcity also allows your IT team to be leaner and dedicate itself to the core business, focusing on the use of Big Data for the specific solutions of your business.

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