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What Artificial Intelligence In Social Media Has To Do with The Soul Of Your Brand

Many people have no idea what life would be like if they couldn’t be connected to people through the internet, especially in times of social distancing. It is increasingly present in our routine and, therefore, also in Marketing strategies. Now, imagine what campaigns will look like with the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in Social Networks. 

Well, you don’t even have to imagine. Just observe what is already happening.

How much has not happened in such a short time? If this speed is scary. Prepare for what’s to come because changes are happening quickly. 

This is because, until now, evolution has been the result of human ingenuity and also of its limitations. We are currently surfing the wave of machines that learn and make decisions with precision and speed, unthinkable.

And much of what will come with using Artificial Intelligence in Social Networks can already be observed. However, most people don’t realize it. A simple Google search or an online purchase depends on algorithms. 

Look around you. Personal assistants take care of your everyday life. The software analyzes your behavior and suggests products and services. Air systems and cars are autonomous. Robots that look like people talk with sympathy. Systems can identify our needs and predict our preferences.  

And on Social Media, it’s not even said. Because if they are what they are today, it is due, in large part, to this evolution that is in accelerated march. 

Stay here with me because, from now on, we will emphasize these high-tech resources that are already operational and increasingly accessible.

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Social Media

Before the emergence of Social Networks, communication strategies were like this: 

The advertising campaign was planned, taken to an agency, the media plan was drawn up, the pieces were exhibited – most of them aiming at prizes for creativity – and sales were expected to increase. That is, the message only had a one-way path.

Today, with virtual and instantaneous interaction between people, the path is two-way. Consumers receive communication and interact with brands intensely and with great effectiveness.

Social Networks have opened a new chapter in the relationship between companies and customers. And, in the current context of social distancing, they gain even more relevance. 

Brands that respond quickly to consumer demands enter their range of preferences and become the right choices in the purchase decision. 

On the other hand, the presence of brands on Social Media requires extreme care. If the brands do not compensate the consumer, he develops more and more objections. In other words, it’s a shot in the foot.

It is worth mentioning that recovering a scratched image is a challenging task and significantly more expensive.

Surprisingly, companies that make this mistake are not rare: they invest in advertising campaigns on Social Networks and reap a drop in sales. 

The justification is that to provide this compensation, and it would be necessary to hire at least two employees, guaranteeing promptness and quality in responding to demands. Which, for many, makes the operation unfeasible.

No more!

It is possible to solve this problem using Artificial Intelligence in Social Networks. It allows the creation of a “virtual collaborator” who monitors 100% of what happens, responds, comments, and interacts with the client, protecting the brand’s image. 

Machine Learning Embodies The Soul Of Your Brand

For the machine to answer for the brand, it is essential to learn everything about it. Incorporate its role in society, the business model, values ​​, and target audiences. Just train her to have the necessary skills to serve the customer well.

In a free association, it’s as if the machine embodies the soul of your brand. As if it gave birth to a virtual entity capable of translating its essence into each interaction on Social Networks. 

From there, the machine qualifies and architects new potentialities. As we will see below:

  • First, it optimizes campaigns to make them much better targeted at specific audiences. 
  • Second, it leverages bids and budgets in minutes, increasing your ROI, Return on Investment.
  • Third, he suggests creating ads and programming campaigns based on his learning about consumer behavior. 
  • Fourth, it creates custom algorithms for the brand on Social Media.
  • Finally, it integrates campaign measurement and management resources, allowing strategy unity.  Amazing.

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media provides a dynamic understanding of real performance across all customer interactions. 

Indeed, all of this is made available directly and automatically to all platforms that work with advertising bids. 

This triggers a process of constant improvement, with budget adjustments based on the real value of serving each ad. Models are customized and constantly updated, improving accuracy and boosting results. 

However, one often has the impression that we are talking about something distant. But not. It bears repeating: these resources are already available and offered to companies of all sectors and sizes. 

This means that an increasing number of companies are benefiting from this advance. Soon, the market will be dominated by technologically updated brands, making competition even more difficult and fierce.

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