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What Is Freight Forwarding Software?

Financial and time resources are vital in modern society. However, the logistics industry is a perfect example of how these two components can be optimally used to increase business operations’ efficiency significantly.

Successful logistics companies focus on reliable and precise planning of their orders and their flawless processing and economic and sensitive cost management.

In this context, innovative forwarding software for order processing represents valuable support. This makes all processes and orders available at any time. It is, therefore, an almost indispensable control body for transport companies – at least if they also want to be successful in the long term.

The Tasks Of A Forwarding Software

Forwarding software ensures traceable and smooth processes when implementing freight and transport orders. Modern logistics software includes the management, recording, and execution of orders. It also supports in-control order accounting to a large extent.

In transport management, four essential processes can be identified that can be significantly optimized by forwarding software.

Transportation Logistics

All measures that are necessary to carry out orders successfully are implemented by modern forwarding software.

The application calculates the transport costs incurred, optimizes the price, and executes route planning.

Transport Execution

The innovative software programs can determine what number of items can be sent in which time window. They also check which means of transport are the most profitable for this purpose.

This information can then be used to create an optimal transport plan.

Post-Processing And Control

Irrespective of whether it is a means of transport by road, air, or water, the forwarding software can trace every item on a route between customer, warehouse, or dealer.

The information about the destination of the goods and their sender is retrieved by the software as part of the tracing or tracking and compared with the control information. This means that all items that change their location during transport can be located and recorded.

Nowadays, forwarding software programs also take telematic trends, such as positioning via GPS.


As soon as an order has been completed, the innovative software applications can also create reports that allow the completed process to be evaluated.

Of course, all operational key figures are included in deciding success or failure. The results provide a valuable overview of the individual strengths and weaknesses of the company. On this basis, insights for future measures can then be derived.

Forwarding Software For Optimized Workflow

Digitization is progressing rapidly, especially in the field of logistics. Because individual processes are increasingly being combined and networked digitally, the workflow in the company is continuously being optimized, which makes the essential work processes much more accessible.

Significantly when different companies or people who do not work at the same place are involved, the workflows can be improved by the forwarding software.

All documents are managed and filed digitally. This means that they can be viewed at any time and edited as required. This gives companies the valuable opportunity to react immediately to a changing market.

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