Which Phone To Buy? To Find You The Right Smartphone

The smartphone market is enormous: from entry-level models to lite cell phones to premium smartphones; there are suitable cell phones from various manufacturers. However, due to many cell phone models, it is not easy to keep track of things. We’ll help you out of the cell phone jungle and ask the right questions so that you can quickly find the right smartphone for you the next time you buy a cell phone.

Purpose: What Do I Need The New Cell Phone For?

The cell phone is our daily companion and is, therefore, an indispensable part of our society. We do almost everything: exchanging ideas with friends, shopping, online banking, sports, ordering food, taking photos, streaming, mobile gaming, and much more. There are also suitable mobile phone models that differ in their software and hardware for the different application areas.

Do you travel a lot and need a smartphone with long battery life? Do you want to play high-performance mobile games like Fortnite Mobile and therefore require a gaming cell phone? Is it essential to have a cell phone with a good camera because you want to take professional photos and videos? Or submit to your country-level cell phone because you only need the smartphone for simple applications such as WhatsApp, e-mail, and weather apps? There are numerous other areas of application. However, what is certain is that you should ask yourself exactly the question about the intended use. It is best to make a list of this, after which you can answer the following questions more easily.

Features: Which Functions Are Essential To Me?

After creating the list of the purposes you need for the mobile phone, you can use this to determine the features that the new smartphone should offer. Do I need a lot of storage space for my photos, videos, and podcasts? Should it be a waterproof cell phone? Do I want to pay with my smartphone via NFC? Should it be a 5G cell phone? Do I travel a lot on business, and do I need a dual SIM mobile phone? With this list, you can compare the different devices with each other.

Hardware: What Technical Features Should The New Cell Phone Offer?

Cell phone data sheets are packed with specs. The technical data can quickly overwhelm you, especially if you are not familiar with it. But don’t worry, you can quickly read it. There are numerous reviews on the Internet – there are also numerous articles on current cell phone models in your fone magazine. In any case, you should think carefully about the following specs before buying a mobile phone.

Display: Size And Resolution Are Crucial

In recent years, cell phone displays have become bigger and bigger. Nevertheless: There are also 5-inch cell phones that can be operated with one hand. Otherwise, the range of display sizes on the smartphone market is extensive: the current models range from 6.2-inch displays (Samsung Galaxy S21) to 6.81 inches (Xiaomi Mi 11). If you want to use the cell phone for mobile work or streaming films and series, you should opt for a 6-inch cell phone. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G offers a compromise, which measures 6.7 inches when open and folded up. There are also clamshell phones that are as big as a small tablet when opened. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, for example, measures 7.6 inches when opened.

In addition to the display size, the resolution, the panel type, and the refresh rate are also decisive. We recommend at least a Full HD display, i.e., an explanation of 1,080 pixels and higher. In terms of panel type, OLED displays offer higher contrast and are more energy-efficient than LCD screens. The current flagships from Apple and Samsung are equipped with AMOLED screens, which promise even sharper image content and are therefore only offered in the premium segment. In terms of refresh rate, the industry standard is currently 60 Hertz. The frequency indicates how smoothly the image content is displayed. A turbo display is recommended if you use the smartphone as a gaming phone. Meanwhile, there are also cell phones with an adaptive, i.e., adjustable, frame rate. With this setting, you can save the cell phone battery.

Performance: Processor And RAM Determine The Speed

The performance of a smartphone depends on the processor and the available RAM, with the cell phone processor being the more decisive factor. Apple’s newest chip is the in-house A14 Bionic built into the current iPhone 12 series. Android phones are mostly equipped with a chip from Qualcomm, with the Snapdragon 888 leading the way the top class and is used in numerous premium mobile phones such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 and ASUS ROG Phone 5. But if you don’t want it to be a high-end model because the budget may not be enough, we recommend a processor with at least eight cores and 4 GB of RAM. With iPhones, on the other hand, the size of the RAM plays a less critical role since the software is better matched to the hardware.

Camera: The Resolution And Type Of Lenses Make The Difference

The smartphone camera has become more and more important for many users. After all, the built-in cell phone lenses have improved a lot in recent years, so that more and more smartphones offer professional cameras. The digital camera can therefore be left at home more and more often. But not only the resolution of the lenses is decisive, but also what type of camera lenses are installed. yourfone tip: You can read about which lenses are suitable for which purposes in the linked article: Smartphone camera: The camera lenses can do that. If you are looking for a cell phone with a good camera, you will also find it on your phone.

Software: Which Operating System Do I Prefer?

There are currently two operating systems with which cell phones are equipped: iOS from Apple and Android from Google. Another software from HUAWEI is being planned with HarmonyOS. The question of a better operating system can only be answered individually. After all, both types of software have their strengths and weaknesses. iOS users appreciate the simple and intuitive operation, while Android users support the large selection of apps in the Google Play store. If you can get along well with the previous operating system, there is nothing to be said for a change unless you prefer a particular phone model. You can find out how data transfer from iOS to Android or Android to iOS works in the linked articles.

Design: What Should The Cell Phone Look Like?

Of course, you should also like the look of the new smartphone. Current smartphones are designed to be very minimalist and timeless – with narrow edges so that the display comes into its own. Differences can be seen in the design of the camera block: The camera lenses are either highlighted (in color) like on the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Oppo Find X3 Pro, or they are almost flush like the Galaxy A32. Which design you prefer is a matter of taste. Also, the case materials are essential for many users: Most smartphones are made of glass and tend to be fragile and prone to soiling. A screen protector can help against this. For example, if the display is protected with Gorilla Glass 5 and higher, it will withstand falls better. You can briefly test whether the cell phone sits comfortably in hand in the store.

Price: What Is My Budget?

Have you considered a few cell phone models after creating the checklist? Very good, then there is the question of the price. How much money do I want to invest in a (new) smartphone? This is not about an exact amount but a rough guideline. Samsung offers high-quality cell phones in all price ranges, as do Oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei. The iPhones from Apple are usually always to be found in the higher-priced area.

If the budget is not enough for the cell phone of your choice, you can also switch to a refurbished cell phone. These are refurbished smartphones that have been renovated and new and therefore have a full manufacturer’s guarantee. Refurbished iPhones, for example, are often a lot cheaper than new iPhones and the flagships from other manufacturers, such as Samsung or Huawei, are unknown but cheaper.

Conclusion: There Is A Suitable Mobile Phone For Every User

As the saying goes: if you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice. But with the checklist created, nothing should go wrong when looking for the mobile phone of your choice. We recommend that you pick up the device in brick-and-mortar stores and test it before buying a mobile phone. After all, you want to use the new smartphone for as long as possible, and handiness and usability play an important role in addition to the technical equipment.

Whether entry-level model, mid-range cell phone, or premium flagship: At your phone, you will find different smartphones combined with a fast LTE tariff. You can find out which tariff suits you best and which smartphones can be ideally connected with it in the yourfone mobile phone configurator. Try it out very quickly.


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