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Apple Headphones Stopped Working: What To Do?

The latest Apple products have not had a conventional headphone jack for some time. However, Apple itself offers the popular Airpods. These wireless headphones allow you to enjoy music from your iPhone or iPad. The connection between the headphones and the respective device is established via Bluetooth.

However, the Apple Airpods are pretty costly. For this reason, it is particularly annoying when they no longer perform their function correctly. However, several measures can be taken to enjoy your favorite music or podcast again to your heart’s content via Apple headphones. However, if these lead to a different result, it is necessary, for better or for worse, to purchase an  Apple Airpods replacement.

Of course, many people still use older Apple devices with a standard wired headphones connection. But even with these, problems with audio playback can occur.

However, the following article explains what can be done in principle if problems arise with the Airpods from Apple or conventional headphones.

One Of The Airpods Is Not Playing Music

If no audio can be heard on one of the two Airpods, the first step should be to ensure that the charging case battery is fully charged. Both AirPods are then placed in this and set for around 30 seconds. In addition, the charging case should be opened close to the respective iPad or iPhone to enable a connection between the device and the Airpods.

The charging status of the Airpods can also be checked via the iPad or iPhone used. This can ensure that both Airpods are correctly charged. If the function of the Airpods still cannot be restored in this way, you can also reset the Airpods. Alternatively, the manufacturer’s support can also be consulted.

One Of The Airpods Is Working At Too Low Of A Volume

If one of the Airpods is playing the audio at a low volume, both the speaker grille and the microphone of the two Airpods should be checked. If foreign objects can be discovered, the Airpods must be adequately cleaned. In many cases, the problem can already be solved in this way.

However, great care must be taken when cleaning to avoid risking severe damage to the Airpods. Another solution is to check the settings to ensure the Airpods volume balance slider is in the middle.

Music Playback Is Interrupted By Dropouts

However, those using an older iPhone or iPad often face audio playback issues.

If the original headphones from Apple are not used with a device from the manufacturer, it is common for dropouts to be heard while the music is being played.

This is because the fit of third-party headphones could be better. The plug, therefore, only fits in the respective connection for the headphones. Playing music can cause dropouts.

After moving the headphone cable a bit, the problem often diminishes – but also returns quickly. The final solution is to switch to the original Apple headphones. However, if the headphones that came with the iPhone are damaged, Apple Support can also be contacted.

Connected Headphones Interrupt Siri

Another issue that comes to the fore when using third-party headphones with an Apple product is the Siri voice assistant getting cut off.

This problem can also be traced to the fact that the headphones do not fit the existing connection correctly. The interruption, therefore, also occurs, particularly when there is movement. Here, too, the solution to the problem is to exchange the headphones for the original Apple headphones or to contact Apple support if it is the manufacturer’s version.

Audio Problems Due To Dirty Connector

Many different audio output issues can be traced back to headphone jack contamination. Sometimes, the iPhone or iPad will disable sound playback entirely if the connector appears dirty.

If the audio functions of the Apple device are affected by dirt, it is usually dust, lint, or small scraps of paper. This problem can be solved by appropriate cleaning. It is recommended, for example, to use the conventional vacuum cleaner with its attached hose. This is then held directly in front of the connection for the headphones of the device. After switching it on, the machine does the rest.

However, if the dirt is lint, removing it from the headphone jack with a toothpick often makes more sense. Of course, you must be extremely careful not to risk damaging the audio output.

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