Best Practices For Reaching Mailboxes

Email marketing is the perfect strategy for sending messages to a potentially interested audience: here’s how to avoid ending up in the SPAM box

Every day, billions of consumers worldwide open their email boxes and read numerous messages for work and personal reasons. Despite the proliferation of new communication channels on the web, emails remain an extremely performing tool that guarantees a high conversion rate. To ensure that the strategy is effective, marketing managers are concerned with obtaining a good level of email deliverability.

To be successful, it is important to build strategies that consider the reference target, the context, and the objectives to be achieved and to precisely identify the contents to be conveyed and the software and tools to be used. The latter must be able to deliver all emails to the recipients’ mailboxes, reducing the risk of them being considered SPAM and not opened by users on the mailing lists.

Email Deliverability: What It Is

  • Email deliverability is the ability of the software used to launch email marketing strategies to prevent forwarded emails from ending up in the recipient’s SPAM boxes or being dispersed without ever reaching their email inbox.
  • Choosing a service provider that can ensure good email deliverability is important. Getting all the messages to their recipients means optimally using all resources and avoiding wasting time and money.
  • All Email Service Providers (for example, Google, Libero, Hotmail, and Yahoo) are extremely attentive to user safety. They try to prevent harmful content from reaching the recipient by constantly improving filtering systems.
  • When building an email, you must avoid inserting elements that could alarm the providers. Spam filters analyze the content, the attachments, the reputation of the server used for sending, and the email address of origin.
  • To maintain a relationship of trust with your customers, your emails must reach their destination. You need to recognize the elements that influence email deliverability and exploit them to improve the effectiveness of your strategy.
  • Deliverability is not a service to be underestimated. Still, it is a fundamental factor that can make a difference in the level of performance, and that must be considered when choosing a server for sending emails. 

Choose The Right Software To Prevent Emails From Ending In SPAM

  • SPAM indicates sending emails with dangerous or dubious content through too generic, unknown or suspicious email addresses. In most cases, these are unsolicited advertising messages that do not comply with the law or with the presence of links that can lead less aware users to fall victim to scams and theft of important personal data.
  • To avoid the emails sent by the company to its customers or potential customers ending up in the SPAM folder and never read, it is first of all necessary to choose a good software for sending emails, which guarantees a medium-high level of deliverability. On the web, you can find several, supported by positive reviews released by companies that have decided to rely on them.

Reach Mailboxes: Create Interesting Content And Solicit Interactions

  • To improve performance, allow the filtering systems of the Email Service Providers to analyze the email correctly sent and avoid content that reduces the effectiveness of the email; it is advisable to adopt some best practices.
  • To increase the sending reputation, it is necessary that as many people as possible interact with the emails, that they consider them interesting, that they do not report them as suspicious content and that they do not unsubscribe. It is a good idea to delete all addresses reported as non-existent.
  • It is good to insert beautiful, clear, trustworthy objects to encourage positive user interaction and increase opening rates. Texts must be written avoiding capital letters except where required by grammar rules. 
  • To reduce mailing list unsubscription rates, the content offered to recipients must always be of high quality, must respond to their needs and requirements and provide information or news deemed useful.

Increase The Reliability Of The Mail: Insert All The Elements

  • The reliability of the emails increases if they are complete with all elements. Including the subject and, in addition to images, hypertext links or multimedia elements, and a good deal of text is good. The massive use of emojis and punctuation must be avoided.
  • Links are often included in emails. Be careful and avoid those that lead to pages of websites considered unreliable. Links must direct the user to authoritative and secure pages.

Avoid Spam: Pay Attention To The Topics Covered

To alarm, the most security-conscious Email Service Provider’s filters are specific words that refer to delicate or dangerous topics. Almost all those messages concerning pharmaceutical products of dubious origin, online casinos or gambling or other similar topics end up in the SPAM box.

Always check the quality of your mailing lists. Eliminating all the addresses of those who never interact with the contents or are non-existent is a great way to increase performance.

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