Is There A Difference Between An Influencer And A Content Producer?

Several terms are trending on social media, and sometimes it isn’t easy to understand the difference between them. Today, I’m going to talk about influencers and content producers, two new professionals gaining increasing prominence in our society.

An influencer has great power of influence over their followers, being able to induce their purchase decision, inspire their lifestyle and suggest their opinions. Generally, these people build a close relationship with their fans and become a reference in some issues. 

A content producer creates and distributes original content consistently in digital media, whether or not they can use their imagination to gain an audience.

In summary, the difference between the two professionals is that the influencer focuses on the dissemination of content (not always produced by him), making use of the notoriety and overexposure of his image; At the same time, the producer concentrates on creating the content, having its differentiation, creativity and quality as the primary objective.

Therefore, we can say that an influencer can be a content producer, but a content producer is not necessarily an influencer. In many cases, there is no clear division between one and the other, and activities can mix.

Both are important for communication on social networks but have different goals. While the influencer seeks to engage their followers and make them take action (whether it be buying a product, signing up for a service or supporting a cause), the content producer aims to attract an audience by creating content that is relevant to their audience (usually niche) at various levels.

It is worth mentioning that an influencer can also be a content producer and vice versa. In this way, it is essential to know the characteristics of each professional well to understand which one best fits the marketing and advertising strategy to be adopted by your company.

What Makes People Follow Profiles On Social Media?

This is a critical topic; after all, social networks have been gaining more and more relevance as essential pieces of communication between companies, their potential consumers and customers. 

Going straight to the point, in general terms, when there is no relationship between kinship and friendship, we can attribute the reason for someone to follow a commercial profile to 5 main motivation groups. Are they:

Content : Most people claim to follow professional/business profiles due to the content it produces. Here, secondary criteria may be involved, such as clarity and objectivity of the content, perceived value (how much weight the content delivers), originality and even the way it is presented (design, creativity, etc.).

Consistency Between Profile And Editorial Line

Professional profiles that produce content on very varied topics tend to be unattractive from the point of view of their consumers. For this reason, profiles that address a specific subject and remain aligned with it gain the preference of potential followers.

Familiarity With The Profile

Another critical factor is the familiarity generated between the profile and its target audience. Sharing the same ideals, values, beliefs, hobbies, ideologies and tastes are great motivators that lead people to follow a profile. Admiration is also a factor that can be cited in this group; after all, we tend to follow professionals and brands we admire, and we usually respect them because we have affinities in common.

Social Proof

Profiles with lots of recommendations also have an advantage when someone decides to follow you or not. The more individuals refer to a profile; the more people consider it a reference in their field, which is excellent for attracting new followers and building authority in a market. 


A common practice on social networks is to follow a profile so that he reciprocates the action and follows back whoever followed him. This strategy is used to gain new followers or gain the attention of a specific shape.

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