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Digital Games And Business Gamification

More and more companies are using gamification to bring the engagement of games to situations and challenges in the corporate world. And for that, they need to count on professionals with this type of expertise and be prepared to develop these strategies.

We will tell you in this blog post what gamification is, why this is an action valued by companies, and how this area is promising for professionals looking for a specialization related to digital games and business gamification.

What Is Business Gamification?

The term “gamification” comes from the English “gamification.” As you can imagine, this type of strategy is based on the use of features from games.

Therefore, gamification uses mechanisms such as challenges, scores, rules, awards, stages, rewards, and everything you can relate to the gaming universe, but applied in other contexts, such as education and, of course, the business world.

How Can Digital Games Be Used In Companies?

In ​​education, gamification proved to be an excellent resource for learning and stimulating students in different age groups.

This caught the attention of companies, mainly because human behavior can be driven and, to a certain extent, modified within the gaming universe. Why not take this kind of logic to situations, challenges, and interpersonal relationships in the job market?

Games are not just a distraction or a moment of entertainment. They involve creating strategies, encouraging collaboration, facilitating learning, reinforcing concentration and persistence, and working on the awareness that the result is linked to effort… If you stop to think about it, this is very much in line with what companies expect from your professionals, right?

Why Are These Areas So Promising?

The future professional already uses gamification and digital games as a differentiating factor and stands out in the job market today. Large companies, multinationals, and technology companies are the most exponential in using this type of strategy, and some already have complete departments dedicated to these needs.

So, if you want to boost your career and are comfortable with the gaming area, how about thinking about the possibility of specializing in digital games and business gamification? This is a powerful trend, but there is still a lack of qualified professionals, especially those who combine technical knowledge with an understanding of the challenges of the corporate world.

How Does Gamification Apply To The Job Market?

Remember: gamification is all about encouragement and engagement.

Therefore, it is used by companies to create stimulating environments, generate motivation, and awaken productivity. In this way, the company benefits from more motivated employees, and professionals benefit from receiving stimulation for day-to-day processes.

We can cite some examples of the application of gamification in this context, such as in selection processes, encouraging teamwork, generating healthily and moderately, in corporate training to qualify employees, creating career plans, and transforming functions. Denser into something fun and captivating.

What Are The Benefits Of Gamification For Professionals?

In addition to being very interesting for companies, gamification is a powerful mechanism for professionals looking for qualifications and growth.

It encourages some of the most sought-after characteristics in the market today, which are cited as the expected attributes of the future professional. Check out some of the main benefits that gamification can bring to your development:

  1. Transforms obstacles and challenges into overcoming points;
  2. It generates feelings of motivation, achievement, and confidence;
  3. Facilitates content learning and retention;
  4. It offers the same resources to everyone and thus encourages healthy competition in the work environment;
  5. Increases creativity in problem-solving;
  6. Enables performance measurement;
  7. Facilitates the transmission of knowledge among employees;
  8. It delivers real-time feedback, providing a constant stimulus for improvement.

Therefore, gamification makes it possible to qualify for new skills and use this knowledge to stand out in the job market. Professionals who use gamification find it easier to learn and can use this to their advantage when designing and boosting their careers.

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