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Fun And Feminine Branding Ideas For Your Small Business

If your small business targets women, is female-owned and is proudly feminine by nature, that depicting that in your branding is essential. Embracing femininity and showing off the “girly” side of your business is a great way to show what you’re about, what you stand for and what you offer.

However, depicting that in a fun but classy way can be a little tough – finding the balance between fun and maturity is important. Here are a few fun and feminine ideas you could integrate into your brand identity.

You could use one or all of these elements, in whichever way feels balanced and authentic to you and your brand.


Floral and botanical designs work perfectly for brands that are going for a pretty, feminine look. The delicate nature of the plants will highlight softness and highlight associations with mother nature. These types of designs are especially well-suited to health or spiritually-aligned businesses.

If you want to use soft, feminine colours in your palette, you can find a lavender or periwinkle hex code with Vista Create. These colours, along with soft greens and pastel pinks work well together for a botanical, flowery look.


Using watercolour in your logo design can add a beautiful touch to your brand. Watercolour offers a softness that can’t be achieved with any other art styles, and can really add a feminine feeling to your designs.

However, even with the soft, flowy feel of watercolour, you can still use bright, bold colours that represent fun or fierceness – whatever your company is all about. Watercolour designs can be used in almost any type of business and fit perfectly into nearly any industry.

Play around with different colour palettes and figure out how to make this design element work for you.

Delicate Designs

Keeping things quaint and delicate is an easy way to portray femininity in the sense of a woman’s softness and attention to detail. Think of wispy fonts, light and airy drawings and other visual elements. Pair these with soft, pastel colours and lots of lighter tones. Make these visuals – drawings and designs – part of all your content to create cohesion.

Adding these to your Instagram stories can lighten and brighten up otherwise simple posts, and give them a fun and feminine flair.

Flowy Hand-Lettering

Your font says a lot about your business, and picking just the right one (especially for your logo) is a big decision. Hand-lettering fonts are a classy and classic route to pick, whether simple and sweet or elaborate and sophisticated. Hand-lettering fonts can really show off a woman’s touch and contribute to your brand identity, showing who you are.

There are countless different hand-lettering fonts to choose from, each one unique. Pick a font that will tell your brand’s story, and do so with a soft playfulness that only this style really can. Hand-lettering fonts can be playful or elegant, soft or bold – figure out what will fit best with your business’s identity.

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