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Instagram Will Request That You Take A Selfie Or Show Your ID

Verification Starts To Be Active This Monday For Everyone

Zuckerberg’s Meta company is rolling out new changes to the Instagram app. Until now, accounts that were over 14 years old could be profiled. With the recent changes imposed this Monday in France, users will be asked for additional verification via a video selfie or an identity document. What is sought with this is to fight fake accounts circulating on the platform and to regulate that accurate versions are 14 years old or older.

Verification Is Required If You Change The Age Count

If a minor wants to change the account age to 18 or older, they must undergo the verification process. The verification, announced some time ago, became official this Monday. Director of public policy at Instagram, expressed the importance of knowing the age of profiles on the platform to ensure that our experience according to age is up to standard.

The Verification Image Is Securely Stored For 30 Days

As Instagram assures in a press release, if we choose verification through an identity document that accredits us, the image that is made will not be saved indefinitely. The first hand will be stored for 30 days in a secure database and deleted after this period. In the case of Video Selfie verification, Instagram opts for an age-recognition technology called Yoti. Although this technology may indeed have a low failure rate, if we try the demo, we can see its excellent reliability, estimating the age group in which we are. Yoti is a technology that can recognize age but does not work as facial recognition. By this, we mean that you will not know if the person as such is the one described in the document or the photo, but you will know his age range.

A Significant Step For Instagram

Making this leap and verification is a crucial step for Instagram. Ensuring this technology will respect users’ privacy is the most secure way to prove a person’s age. For our part, it remains to be wondered if this will perhaps not be the beginning of the verification by identity document of people on social networks. If so, we could be entering an Internet that will no longer be as anonymous as we know. Methods such as verifying identity documents exist in other countries to avoid having multiple or bot accounts. Either way, for some, it will be an exciting change, while for others, it can be a debacle. Only time will tell if it’s a good or bad idea to have people verified on social media.

Where Are We With The Integration Between Chats

In the meantime, Instagram is at the center of a beautiful evolutionary moment that will pass from Reels – to counter the advance of TikTok – and from the integration of chat with WhatsApp and Messenger. The famous definitive app that will concentrate the messaging of the Facebook group is upon us: the latest clue comes from Instagram, which has started to warn users about the arrival of an update that will make it possible to chat with Facebook users on a single platform. “From today, there is a new way to text on Instagram,” reads the message that appeared to a small circle of chat profiles that will combine the functionality of Instagram and Messenger joining the two platforms. For the moment, it will be an optional update, but it is easy to assume that this novelty will become mandatory over the next few weeks.

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