Five Reasons To Apply Content Marketing In Technology Companies

If you search for Digital Marketing, you have certainly come across the term “Content Marketing” out there. This strategy, which consists of producing quality materials to attract your target audience, has become popular among companies from different segments.

It works like this: through content such as blog articles, eBooks and webinars, companies educate their audiences about the niche in which they operate, gaining authority and influencing their purchase decision.

In addition, Content Marketing has an important characteristic: not talking directly about your products or services. More than advertising, the idea is to help potential customers solve their difficulties using relevant and quality materials.

But does this strategy make sense for technology companies, which generally have a longer sales cycle and offer specific and complex solutions? 

The answer is yes! Businesses in this segment can significantly benefit from Content Marketing, as the strategy allows you to educate potential customers about what you offer even before they contact sellers.

Want to know more? Then follow the article to discover the benefits of Content Marketing for technology companies!

Discover Five Benefits Of Content Marketing For Technology Companies

Technology companies’ long, complex, and sometimes costly sales cycle makes Content Marketing an excellent alternative for these businesses. Discover five ways your company can benefit from the strategy:

Increase Access To Your Website And Blog

Through Content Marketing, you increase visits to your website and blog. The content is created using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. That way, the materials can be found when your target audience searches on search engines like Google. Thus, access grows, and your brand gains visibility.

But why are we talking about the target audience and not just anyone? Because Content Marketing focuses on attracting the right people, those with the most significant potential, to buy your products or services. For this, the contents are produced thinking about the company’s personas and semi-fictional characters that illustrate who your ideal customer is.

Become An Authority In Your Market

By producing relevant and quality content, the company contributes to market education and becomes an authority in matters related to its solutions.

Through content, you can convey information to your audience, such as how your solution works. So, if these people reach a salesperson, he won’t need to repeat them every time, being able to go on to the sale itself.

The idea is that the company adapts its speech without forcing the purchase of products or services but by showing how it can solve the pain of potential customers. These people, in turn, understand how the company’s technology works more efficiently, so they even see more value in it. 

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), as its name suggests, is the metric that shows how much your company spends to get a new customer.

Investing in Content Marketing makes your materials available on the internet for as long as you want. Thus, there is always the possibility of attracting other potential customers. All this organically, using SEO techniques, as we talked about earlier.

Of course, many people who visit your website or blog will not become customers. But you can keep this contact attraction tool working even if you’ve stopped making new posts.

Relate To Your Leads

Not all people who come to your content are ready to become customers. Through Content Marketing, it is possible to relate to them, nurturing them until they are prepared for a sales approach.

Often, these contacts need more information until they recognize their problem and understand how your solution might solve it. Using relevant and quality materials, you prepare them for purchase. During this process, contacts engage with the company on social media, blogs or other platforms. 

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

What tech company doesn’t want a shorter sales cycle?

By investing in content, the sales cycle can be reduced considerably, as the commercial team will only address contacts that were passed on by the marketing team — and, for that, they need to have consumed some content. 

In this way, potential customers arrive more prepared than the salesperson, who has less work to educate them about the company’s solution. Thus, the professional can focus on a more personalized sales approach based on the information passed by the marketing on the content that this contact consumed. 

As you can see, Content Marketing brings several benefits to companies. In addition to the advantages mentioned in the article, the strategy makes marketing a center of revenue, not costs, for the company. 

This is the opposite of what happens with businesses that invest in more traditional advertising strategies, such as radio or TV campaigns. Furthermore, the results of campaigns of this type cannot be measured, which you can easily do in Content Marketing. You can access the metrics of each content produced on the internet to know what is working and what needs improvement.

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